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Better Pal: Final Destination

It’s been said by others but I have the best better pal for sure. And now that I know who she is, I can tell you guys, too. The person spoiling me was Liz and when I say spoiling, I mean spoiling. As in rotten.

Just check out this last package.
Isn’t it great? Liz picked stuff to represent her state of Texas and she did a fine job. There’s chili and chocolate and homespun from angora goats. Can you say soft? I had to immediately run to my patterns and start searching for something worthy of this gorgeous yarn.

Look! Here’s a close up.

I wish I had feel-o-vision for the blog so you could touch this stuff. It’s truly amazing. And clearly, Liz is doing a much better job of promoting the glories of Texas than that certain someone currently inhabiting the White House. I’m just saying.

And there’s also other chocolate and Mountain Colors Bearfoot in red, of course. Because red is my favorite color and Liz pays attention. Turns out, Liz and I also share similar educational backgrounds, as we both have MLIS degrees. Rock Chick and Shobhanna hit the nail on the head when they matched up Liz and I.

So, my heartfelt thanks to Liz the wonder pal! Dude, it’s been a pleasure.

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  1. So what’s this whole Better Pal thing anyway- something you must be invited to? Inquiring minds wanna know. Nice stuff she sent! 🙂

  2. Oh my! I may not be able to touch the angora handspun but I can SEE it is soft. You lucky duck. However, my BP is better than you BP;-) Actually, weren’t all the BP’s great?

  3. You know, I don’t think you need feel-o-vision to capture how soft that angora homespun is. You can see the halo of softness in the picture, and yes, I’m drooling.

    Go Liz!

  4. Oooo, I get to comment without an alias!

    Glad you like all the fun stuff. The El Coyote Ranch yarn is only carried by two yarn stores. And I”m responsible for getting the Dallas store to carry it. It’s wonderful in the skein but knitted up and blocked? Oh man, does it get soft.

    And the guy in the White House? Yeah, he was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Not a *real* Texan.

  5. Ohh that is a great package fab. yarn….right now I’m in chocolate withdrawal so I’m eyeing that chocolate – is that ritter sport chcolate and macadamia nut…drool drool.

  6. Oooooh, lovely! Mmmmm…chili. Farty goodness. And that angora goat yarn looks fabulous. Have you decided what to knit with it yet?

  7. Whoa, you made out real nice. And I can attest to the 2-alarm chili, I use that one a lot myself. (Note to self: get more to try dying with it.)
    Unfortunately, MY BP was better. I’m just saying…

  8. Tell Dave to chill. It’s not a competition. Hee. We all had great pals. Is he off his rocker or what? He thinks you’re gonna dye the yarn with the chili???? LOL. The man needs sedatives.

  9. I see that Liz sent you some Mexican chocolate. It’s delicious — a crowd pleaser in my house. Great stuff. There seems to be an abundance of cool librarians in the knit blog world 🙂

  10. Beautimous! I wish I could pet the yarn. Will have to go knit with my lowly alpaca. My MLIS (1996) is from the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies. (Roll Tide!) I got notified of tenure today and promotion to Associate Professor. Sorry,I do have to tell EVERYBODY!

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