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Top Ten Things About Hannah At 14

10. Hannah is now old enough to get a job in Massachusetts. She probably won’t. But it still cheers me up to think about it.
9. Hannah doesn’t trip over nothing quite as much as she used to. She’s still a klutz, but it’s sort of cute now.
8. Hannah and I went school shopping yesterday. We actually agreed on which sneakers are cool this year.
7. Which does not mean we agreed on which backpack to choose. Just saying.
6. Hannah becomes a high school freshman on Wednesday. This should go a long way in explaining the importance of #8 and #7.
5. Hannah mostly remembers to feed the dog. If she forgets, the dog is really good at reminding her.
4. Hannah is smart enough to have chosen mom’s homemade chocolate cake to have for her birthday dessert. Everyone in the family is grateful for this decision.
3. Hannah is just as pretty at 14 as she was at 13. Maybe even prettier.
2. Hannah is a loving and caring daughter/sister/friend.
1. Hannah is loved very much by her Mom and Dad. This will be true no matter what her age.

Won’t you all join me in wishing Hannah a very happy 14th birthday? Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! You are sharing this special day with a special man to me, my oldest DD’s husband, whose name is Michael. He is also a wonderful person! I hope you enjoy your day and your Mom’s special chocolate cake. Have a great year in High School and Best wishes for a fantastic 14th year..or is it your 15 yr?? oh well enjoy it no matter what!

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah-Love your name it was one on my what to name list but my 14 yr. old was a boy as was my 11 yr. old. They are happy I choose not to go with Hannah!

  3. what a lovely girl hannah is.

    have fun in highschool — but remember, if they tell you it’s the best years of your life, they’re lying 😉

    remember this especially when the going gets a little tough.

  4. Love it! Happy Birthday Hannah! My youngest daughter is a Sophmore this year! Believe me, she understands the whole shopping issue!

  5. Happy Birthday, Hannah. And good choice on the cake. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a good home made chocolate cake… (please feel free to tell your mother that she’s welcome to take that as a hint about something she might want to bring to Rhinebeck. Just a slice would do. :o) )

  6. Happy Birthday Hannah!! Your growing up into a beautiful young lady – don’t ever loose the sweetness 🙂

    Enjoy your freshman year! Remember your mom’s always right – the rest there are just as confused as you are.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday. Oh, to be 14 again. It was probably one of the BEST years of my life, so enjoy every moment & be present in every moment!

  8. Happy Birthday, Hannah! You are a beautiful young woman and I know you have a fantastic highschool year ahead of you. And you’re mom is pretty cool, too.

  9. Happy birthday! That lovely and a nice kid too… I hope it’s a good year! (Too early to be pestering about learning to drive, old enough to be an interesting person… Carole, hope it’s a good one for you too.)

  10. First of all, Happy Happy Birthday to Hannah! What a beautiful picture! I hope you have a WONDERFUL first year of high school! 🙂
    And to Carole…*sigh*…I haven’t been on my blog rounds in awhile, and just read about your dad’s passing today. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Birdsong and Margene checking in to say Hippo Birdy to EWE Hannah!!! Birdsong and I think she is very, very pretty, like her mother;-)


  12. what a beauty!!
    You’re gonna drive the boys wild dear Hannah !
    Hold onto your hats Mom and Dad – and the world better get ready, ’cause here she comes!
    Happy Birthday cutie!!!

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