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Quilted Post Card Class

When Saftler’s Fall Class Schedule came out a few weeks back I got inspired. I decided that Lois, Sharon, Wendy and I should take a class together. Not a big ass commitment or anything but something fun and quick – a way for us to learn something together and maybe help us not miss Debbie so much. And lo and behold there was a class that was just the thing – A Quilted Postcard Class. Never mind that not one of us knew what a quilted post card was, the day and time of the class worked for everyone and that’s really all that mattered. So Lois signed us up and last Wednesday night we all met at Saftlers to take this class together.

I’ll admit that at first I didn’t really get it. Quilted? Postcard? Huh? But once I looked through the instructor’s scrapbook of postcards, well, I got a teeny bit inspired.

I gathered my supplies. Luckily, Lois brought a whole container full of landscape type fabric scraps to share.

I cut out fabric and fused it into place with Steam a Seam.

I embellished. And did a bit of quilting.

In the end I wound up with a cute postcard of some mountains. And a sheep. It’s a sweet little reminder of my trip to Utah. And no, I’m not mailing it.

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  1. I’ve mailed embroidered art before and the USPS does a good job of taking special care with them. Your card is darling!! Did the instructor quit? ;-D

  2. I just recently bought a book about this called
    “Positively postcards”. It is a great book with alot of pictures/ideas. You should check into it if you really enjoyed doing it!

  3. I just love it! And you could mail them…they make translucent envelopes. Of course, that would be defeating the purpose of “post card”, but still! You should put some s*n*o*w in that scene, though, from what I hear!

  4. Well, isn’t that cute? I wonder how it would fare in the postal system equipment….? I guess it’s placed in an envelope?

    I’m such a killjoy, heh.

  5. It’s great! And I could tell it was Utah right away. I received a quilted postcard in the mail once and it arrived in great shape.

  6. I love it!! I took a quilted postcard class years ago – she even had us do the back with little quilted stamps!

  7. I think the class sounded like a good idea. The postcard turned out quite nicely. It’s kind of fun to learn something new, even if it’s not an all-consuming hobby like knitting. Just something new and different.

  8. Damn, you’re creative! Looks great and now I know why I don’t quilt – I am NOT creative like that. I do a lot better with step-by-step instructions. It’s my anal nature.

  9. Gasp! I love it! What a fantastic selection of classes. And it’s only 45 minutes from my house…

    Unfortunately, the second (and last) quilted postcard class was this weekend. That’ll teach me to get so behind in my blog reading. (Actually, I’m pretty sure at this point that nothing will effectively teach me that.)

  10. I would like to learn how to do Quilted Postcards and I would like to know where I can get magazines giving instuctions of how to do them.

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