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Debbie’s Quilt

When my dear friend Debbie was killed last summer she was working on a quilt. No surprise there, as she was just about always working on a quilt. However, this quilt was for her son and Debbie’s husband asked if Sharon, Lois, Wendy and I would finish it. We agreed, knowing it might be painful at times but also knowing that Debbie would have wanted us to do this.


Debbie had the center squares all pieced and sewn together so we just had to decide on the border and do the final quilting and binding. Lois really pushed us to get it finished, I think she felt the burden of it the most, maybe because it was “living” at her house.


I would have been happy to ignore it for a good long time as facing that quilt was just a little too much like facing my grief. But I was dragged through the process by my friends and now it’s done.


If you know any quilt folklore then you know that the red in the center of a log cabin block represents the hearth or the heart of the home. Since Debbie’s death I have realized that she was truly the heart of our little group so it seems fitting that this last quilt is a Log Cabin design.


The fabric for the piano keys border came from all of our stashes so this quilt is truly a combination of all of us — our efforts, our fabric, our time and our love.


It’s a legacy and an heirloom and completing it is one more act of friendship towards Debbie. I guess it was a gift for all of us, too.

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  1. Beautiful quilt–I love Log Cabin quilts! I, too, have helped finish a quilt for a friend who died. The quilt was for her daughter—She loved it! God brought quilting into my life 2 weeks before my Mom died in 2000. My first quilt had been planned for her – and I finished it in her memory (Log Cabin, by the way). Quilting and knitting can be very healing–both were brought into my life at difficult times (knitting when our only child/daughter moved from WI to CO) and I consider quilting & knitting, along with the wonderful friends I’ve made, true gifts from our Heavenly Father.

  2. Thank you for your story, Carole. I finished a project that my mom had been working on before she died — she had asked me to finish a crocheted tablecloth and give it to the intended recipient. I know how hard it is to sit down and really face that project because with it comes facing so much pain. But, just like you, it was so helpful in my healing process and it totally reignited a passion for knitting and crochet that brings me such comfort and closeness to my mom.
    I read your blog everyday but when you write a story like this one — I just need to delurk and make a comment!

  3. It’s a beautiful quilt, Carole, and a beautiful reminder of Debbie and the bond you all share. I hope you found some comfort in working on and completing that quilt. ♥

  4. How wonderful that you were all able to finish it even though it was hard and honor your friend. I’m sure this will mean so much to her husband and son.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us Carole. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to finish that quilt, but the finished quilt is so beautiful. I’m sure that while you were picking out your fabric, and working to finish something she couldn’t, that she was watching over all of you and smiling.

    That quilt has the best “story” for her family to pass down with the quilt for generation after generation.

  6. Just read this, Carole – I cried the whole time. How hard this must have been for you guys. To do it anyway is the measure of your friendship.

  7. Carole, the quilt is lovely, but the sentiment is even more beautiful. What a tribute not only to your friend but to your friendship.

  8. What an absolutley beautiful quilt and rememberance of your dear friend, Debbie. I’m sure that she would be proud of how all of her friends came together to finish such a beautiful piece of work! Well done, ladies!!

  9. It really is a stunning quilt. I can imagine it was also a difficult time for you working on it, BUT her son will treasure it always, I’m sure.

  10. OH, Carole, what a moving tribute to your friend. I hope you were all able to work thru a bit of your grief as you went.
    You can all be proud of a beautiful work of art. Oh my.
    Bravo, gals!

  11. oh Carole ! what a marvelous tribute to your dear friend. The quilt is so lovely – and your friend Deb must be smiling down on all of you for finishing this treasure for her son.

  12. Carole — That quilt is so lovely, and though I know that the design is the treaditional “barn raising” layout, I saw it and thought, “The center diamond is Debbie, radiating such joy in the green tones, and the four sides of green could be Carole, Sharon, Lois and Wendy, surrounding Debbie with their love.” And when you mentioned the piano keys border, using scraps from each of your stashes to finish off what Debbie had started… That’s a lot of friendship, right there.

  13. The quilt is just beautiful. I know how hard this must have been for you. But, I imagine it also made you feel so very close to Debbie again. I’m sure her son will treasure it.

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