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I was wracking my brain yesterday trying to come up with a post for today and I suddenly remembered that we haven’t talked about food for a while. I’ve tried two new recipes in the last week and they were good enough to share. So I’m sharing.

The first is a summer salad that I made for last Saturday’s excursion to the alpaca farm. Sharon and I have a pretty sweet deal when it comes to outings like this. She drives. I bring lunch. I wanted to bring a salad but not a potato or pasta salad. I searched through Tastespotting and I found this August Garden Salad. I don’t have pictures of the one I made but it looked pretty much just like that one. I used 4 ears of corn, one can of beans, some grape tomatoes and a green pepper. I used some gorgonzola cheese instead of goat cheese because I think goat cheese is pretty disgusting. For the dressing I followed the recipe exactly. It made quite a bit and I shared with Kim and Manise and they both loved it, too.

The other recipe is from Real Simple and it’s for Cheesy Baked Shells and Broccoli. I found this one on Dine and Dish and that’s another great food blog, if you’re a food blog reader. Anyway, I changed this recipe a little bit by using fresh broccoli, which I steamed while cooking the pasta, and I used some half ‘n half instead of milk because I had it. Oh, and for the cheese I used a combination of cheddar and monterey jack. I made it ahead of time and stuck it in the fridge so I had to actually bake it for a bit rather than just sticking it under the broiler. For the topping I used some more of the cheese blend along with corn flake crumbs because we love a crunchy topping around here. I served it with some baked salmon and it was delicious. It’s really just a variation on mac ‘n cheese but that’s fine by me.

I enjoy trying new recipes and I do enjoy cooking but this weekend will be for eating out. Tonight we’re going to the Greek Festival — lamb, dolmathes, loukamathes!! — Friday night we’re going to the Scallop Festival — fried scallops and clam chowder! — and Sunday we’ll be dining at my favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

It’s going to be a real challenge to not gain any weight this weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the links! Lucky duck with all those festivals. Especially the Greek one tonight! Hot dolmathes with avgolemono sauce (egg lemon sauce) is my favorite. And galactobouriko too! Have a super time.

    An early happy Birthday to you!

  2. OK, it’s not even 6:00 a.m. and I’m starving!! Yum, and yum!! You’re inspiring me to think about cooking – I’ve been off my game for several weeks.

    If you eat things standing up, or accompanied by Diet Coke, they have no calories. Didn’t you know that?? πŸ˜‰

  3. Good grief – I think you’ll be victorious if you can escape without gaining 10# this weekend! All that food sounds fabulous!

    Laughing here – when your page loads, the first thing that appears is the photo, which floats in space for a sec or two before the rest of it shows up. So I was already salivating before I started reading your words – mmmmm, floating cheese/mac/broccoli. πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday, sweetie!

  4. Yum, yum! Keep those recipes coming. Technically I’m still on the Infernal Diet, but I’m discovering that a lot of things don’t bother me. (I’m still shunning tomatoes, though. They’re too acidic for me to risk it.)

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Live it up, and dance the night away. Burns calories, don’t you know.

  5. Carol –
    What a beautifully designed blog! I love it!
    Thanks for mentioning my site. The scallop festival sounds wonderful. Enjoy!
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Oh man! I want to hang with you this weekend! Do you realize I haven’t eaten Mexican since JUNE?!?! (I know you’re not eating Mexican, but that’s my indulgence food, so that’s my point of reference). *sigh* Have fun and happy early birthday!

  7. I think our Greek festival was the weekend I went to DC! πŸ™
    I WISH we had a seafood festival…but it would no doubt be for Mountain Oysters.
    (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)
    have a GREAT time! and happy b’day in advance!

  8. mmmm…gyros. Yum!

    btw, not *all* goat cheese is disgusting, the stuff you buy at the grocery store is, but if you get fresh stuff it’s not that bad. We have a goat farm here that makes the best chevre ever, I’ll have to bring some to Rhinebeck. ;o)

  9. Thanks for the reminder. I need to find out when our Greek Festival is. And thank you so much for making me hungry when lunch is still days away. :p

    I’m so glad you’ve got yummy plans in place for your birthday weekend.


  10. Looks good…hubby is a broccoli fanatic so I might have to try this one day. And…I think you are crazy for thinking goat cheese is gross πŸ˜€

  11. Happy Birthday! Eh, don’t worry about the extra food, it all sounds delicious. Just take a more vigorous walk, or some other more vigorous activity (ahem).

  12. okay… I have the whole mouth-watering thing goin’ on here right now………
    note to self: read Carole’s blog after dinner. (giggle)

    Happy almost birthday and thanks for sharing the cool food links.

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