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Photography Inspiration

Project 365 can be a challenge during the winter months. The days are short and the light is sort of flat this time of year. Plus, it’s cold outside and the idea of wandering around with a camera is definitely less appealing than in, oh let’s say, May. Nevertheless, I am committed to the project and that means looking for inspiration wherever I can find it.

Last week I found it when I read this blog post on Pioneer Woman.

Within minutes of reading that I was in the bathroom with some food coloring (for some reason I only had green) and vegetable oil.

I don’t think my photos are as cool as those in the blog post but I had fun and it got me through another day of Project 365.

And it gave me something to blog about after an uneventful (but restful and relaxing) weekend.

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  1. Reminds me of a science experiment I did with my 6th graders! Uneventful, relaxing weekends can be the best especially following the holidays!

  2. Very interesting! I think it’s awesome that you enthusiastically suss out new things to learn!! And I certainly love that Ree Drummond!

  3. I kind of love that green. I need to paint something that color. Bubbles remind me of little kid play time. Thanks for the fun memory jog.

  4. The short days definitely cramp my photography, but I love the winter light! Being low in the sky even mid-day is nice for photography and I find the angle helpful for popping textures like stitch patterns. But maybe that is due to my large southwestern exposure window in the living room?

    I saw that post on Pioneer Woman, but haven’t tried it yet. I think your last shot is my favorite.

  5. I decided to do the 365 thing too, and only a few minutes ago shot some pic… not nearly as interesting photographically as yours, but a document of a moment.

    DH says your picture is like the Green Bay Packer’s helmets with their sparkly shine. And that you are showing Polamalecules. Did you see that head and shoulders commercial with Troy Polamala and his polamolecules? I think he’s funny…

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