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A Big Birthday

Did I really let the second week of my vacation go by without posting again? Sheesh, what a slacker I am. And I know you want details and pictures and you probably expect a Ten On Tuesday post today . . . but . . . I need you to wait a little longer for regular blogging and stuff because today is a big big day on our family.


Today is Hannah’s 21st birthday!

I told you it was a big deal.

It’s also hard to believe that I have a 21 year old daughter. Yikes. As an aside, I also have a 60 year old cousin since today is my dear cousin Len’s birthday. Yup, two (well, technically three since Len’s daughter Megan turned 25 yesterday) big family birthdays on the same day.

As for Hannah, she’s all the things she’s always been: smart, caring, beautiful and hard working. And now able to drink legally. Heaven help me.

Happy birthday, baby girl! You are loved.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Hannah! Couldn’t let the day go by without sending you best wishes.

    Be good to your mom today, too. Having a grown-up woman for a daughter is something to get used to!

  2. Happy 21 Hannah!! You have already had so many great achievements in your young life and I wish you all the happiness and success you can dream up!

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! My niece and nephew are both over 21 now, where did the time go. Hope she has a great year!

  4. Congratulations to you – and Happy Birthday to Hannah! (And I feel like there’s some sort of cosmic symmetry in the world because I am the 21st comment on a 21st birthday!) CHEERS!

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