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Three Things On Thursday

summer dinner table for carole knits
this picture has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s post but every post needs a picture and this one from dinner the other night is soothing and pretty and that’s what I’m craving right now

What a week this has been around here – how about, for a Three Things on Thursday post, I give you some updates? Hmmm?

Dixie’s final moments were peaceful. Our vet was wonderful and gave us all the time we needed and, at the end, Dixie slipped away laying in the grass in our backyard. There were many tears and heartfelt goodbyes and now the work of grieving her begins. I keep thinking I see her out of the corner of my eye. And last night, for the first time in 14 years, I made a grilled cheese sandwich and didn’t offer her a piece of cheese.

Dale’s surgery was successful but more extensive than the doctor anticipated. His pain has been higher because of that and I spent yesterday administering pain meds, pushing fluids, and working in the kitchen so that he could stretch out on the couch. Let me just say that there is a reason I’m a librarian and not a nurse.

The work on our house is *thisclose* to being completed but we’re still waiting on our windows, including one that’s a special order, and the front door. I’m anxious to have this done but, as Dale pointed out, then we won’t have anything to look forward to so I guess I’m okay with this after all. Or not. Either way it’s not on my time table and that’s just the way it is.

And that’s all the energy I’ve got for this post!

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  1. great updates – I’m glad Dixie spent her last minutes at home; give yourself time to grieve. And best wishes for a speedy recovery (I am so with you on that nurse part…except I’m not anything else really!) Also, I just noticed the beautiful flowers showing up on the flickr feed stream in your sidebar. really lovely!

  2. You really HAVE had A Week! Sending you lots of positive energy. Wish I were there to give you a hug (and have a drink or two). XOXOXOXO

    (And I’m pretty sure you’ll find the Next Thing to look forward to without any problem. . .)

  3. I was JUST thinking of doing a three things post when I saw this! Psychic, baybee. Glad that Dale is on the mend!!

  4. You definitely have had a very full and not so easy week. I hope Dale is feeling a bit better today. I look forward to seeing your finished projects! Whale watch in September. 🙂

  5. Here’s to a better week ahead and a nice weekend to relax. I’m so happy Dixie got to be at home. And let’s get that contractor moving! (Mine too!)

  6. I hope the patient is more comfortable today and you are able to fit in some relaxing ‘Carole’ time.

  7. It takes a while to get into the “we don’t have a dog anymore” frame of mind. And the process kinda sucks. But each day does get a little easier. I’m glad Dale is on the mend. And I hope you are taking care of yourself a bit in the midst of all that is going on.

  8. When our beloved Puli went (with assistance) at age 17, he seemed rather grateful to be let go. But I kept hearing his toenails on the floor – and then realizing, no. That took a long time to go away. Re assisting the recuperating husband ——- I’m with you on “the reason I’m not a nurse” thing!!!!!!!

  9. Dixie will always be a part of your life. We still look for Moxie to give a treat to when we cook or go to the closet.
    Best to Dale! Healing is hard work and dealing with pain is exhausting (for both of you). Hopefully today will be a better day all around. XOX

  10. You have faced a challenging week with your usual grace. I know that remembering Dixie will bring laughter and tears. Good wishes to Dale for a fast and complete recovery (and to you for a speedy end to your nursing career).

  11. What a stinker of a week you’ve had 🙁 I hope Dale will be better and feeling like himself again very soon. And I hope you’re finding some solace knowing that Dixie is at peace. That is such a hard decision to make, but knowing that you were with her and loving her as she crossed the rainbow bridge surely made it less frightening for her.

  12. I’m so sorry about your doggie. I’m glad the three of you got to spend her last little bit of time here on earth – together…. I lost my cat Katie a couple of months ago, and for a couple of weeks, I too thought I saw her out of the corner of my eye.. There are still times when we get ready to go up to bed and I start to say – come on Kate Kate – and then I remember… They become so much a part of our lives and our hearts.

    Give yourself plenty of time to grieve – and then let the happy memories take over.

    Linda in VA

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