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Three Things On Thursday

tray table for carole knits

Work is busy, stuff at home is busy, life is busy busy busy. Something has to go and, unfortunately, it’s today’s blog post that is being neglected. Or, phoned in, if you will. Just to keep you from being completely disappointed, since you showed up and all, here are three things on my mind right now.

  1. I have a new laptop. This is an exciting thing. But also a royal pain-in-the-ass thing. The iTunes set up, the software installations, the Dropbox downloads, and on and on it goes. I know you all understand. I do think, though, that once I’m completely moved in to this new baby that I’m going to be very happy with it. It’s a speedy one, that’s for sure.
  2. We are very close to being done with all of the home improvement-y stuff. In fact, Dale just texted me a picture of the grids he installed today on the upstairs windows. I think – but I will need to double check myself – that those grids are the last of this project. To recap we have had new siding put on, new windows installed, 3 new storm doors installed, a new front door (it’s gorgeous), new front steps, a new ceiling in the room we are now calling the den, a custom ordered window in that same room installed, new carpet in 3 rooms, and new paint on the bookshelves and walls of that new den. We have also bought new furniture for that room. This has been going on since July and I think it might finally be safe to pull that building permit out of the kitchen window.
  3. I have been very lazy about going to the gym lately. Truthfully, I’ve been lazy about this since we got back from vacation in September. This laziness has led to a bit of snugness in the waist of my favorite jeans. And some puffiness in my face that I am definitely not happy about. And so, this week, I have recommitted myself to the Y. I went after work one day, something I haven’t done in ages. And I’m going after work today and I will go again tomorrow. I feel so much better about myself, not just physically but mentally when I go and the holidays are coming and there’s stress at work and exercising is the best way I know to relieve stress. Well, drinking is too, but that can get me in trouble and it doesn’t do anything for the snugness of my pants so off to the gym I go. Encouragement is encouraged, my friends.

And I am signing off. Forgive the brevity of my posts this week, won’t ya?


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  1. that was a lot of words for a “brief” post! I’m looking forward to the reno-reveal (I’m kind of addicted to HGTV; the reveal is always very fun!) … and here’s a loud YOU GO GIRL about getting back to the Y and an exercise routine. You know you’ll feel better when you do!

  2. So that Thing Two? You appear to have moved, without moving. That is always an adventure.

    Now quit reading this and get to the gym, or take a quick scroll at lunch. A week and you’ll be back at it in earnest.

  3. I’m with Mary love HGTV and renovation reveals…I can never tear myself away until they get to the reveal! Sounds like the makings of a good blog post 😉

  4. Keep exercising! It is so good for you as you know. Sometimes, my motivation is about zilch to go but then I know that all of my exercise buddies will be asking me, “Why weren’t you here?” Anyway, I’m heading to the gym in 15 minutes.

  5. Having your home project finished will hopefully give you a little respite from the stress and I hope work eases a little for you, too. The Holidays will be super busy for everyone and you do so much to make them merry! I have the same busyness in my life so totally understand! I also understand about the gym, but we used to fit it in several times a week so there is no excuse we can’t do it again. Also, that change in the waist is a big motivator. Let’s do it! xoxo

  6. You have so not phoned it in! And the gym…just the fact that you’ve got the routine started again will lead you in the right direction…and the nagging guilt that will return! I’ll bet your house is just awesome, I hope you take us on a tour. (I may need to steal color ideas!) And that cocktail after the gym…so damn delish.

  7. A new laptop is always fun and definitely worth the learning curve. You guys have done a ton of improvements this year. I must look wonderful! Good luck at the Y. The hardest part is getting there.

  8. You will enjoy your “new” home. I am so old school, I’m always frustrated that computers and other electronics don’t come with printed instructions. Finally, you go, girl. The best defense is a good offense and back to the Y is a great step!

  9. Good job at getting back to the gym. I know I need to get back there as well. What kind of computer did you get? It truly is a lot of work moving things all to the new one, but worth it in the end.

  10. Congratulations on getting started back at the gym! Once you break out of a routine, it is always hard to get back into the groove. You are on your way! Sending lots of encouragement your way!

    You got all the remodeling done in time for your Halloween Party…yeah!

  11. I bet you are happy with all the home improvements. It’s not fun while they are going on but the results are so satisfying.
    I’ve been ignoring walking and my back is complaining about it. I need to get with it!!

  12. Woo-Hoo!!! That’s a lot to celebrate! Here’s to laptops and home improvements and the gym! (And especially the gym. But you knew I’d say that. . .)

  13. My god, woman, you have been in the midst of a mountain of turmoil, what with all that remodeling and redecorating going on! Be sure to thank whoever that it all got done before winter. You are totally excused from blogging at length.

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