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Thursday Things

It’s Thursday. Let’s talk about some things . . .

pumpkin cake for carole knits

  • Thanks so much for all of your compliments on yesterday’s Halloween party post. It took me almost 2 hours to get that done so I really appreciate your comments.
  • I made the cake pictured above for the party and it was fantastic. And simple. You can find the recipe right here. It’s the perfect fall dessert.
  • I am entirely sick of political commercials and can’t wait until they stop next Tuesday. Of course, they will be replaced by Christmas commercials and that’s not much of an improvement.
  • At the library we subscribe to something called Freegal. It’s free and legal music and allows users to download (and keep!) 3 songs every week. It’s fairly expensive and isn’t used all that much so we are trying to come up with ways to get people to use it. Any suggestions from those of you who are (and aren’t, especially) library users?
  • I haven’t been to Rhinebeck in more years than I can remember. And I haven’t been to New Hampshire or any of the others either. I thought long and hard about going to The Fiber Festival of New England but it’s not going to work out.
  • The reason it’s not going to work out is because this Saturday is when we are setting up our Field of Flags for Kiwanis. This is the event where we ask people to sponsor flags for $10 each and we split all of the money we raise with Fisher House. You can read the post I wrote about last year’s event here. And if you’re so inclined and would like to donate, you can do that here with PayPal.
  • The other reason a trip west won’t work out this Saturday is because we are getting together with friends for dinner on Saturday night. They are definitely worth missing a fiber festival for as they are some of my longest standing friends and I love seeing them.
  • But I am hoping for a getaway with Dale soon. Maybe Maine? Maybe Deerfield? Let’s go!
  • Thanks for reading!

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  1. Before I look at your cake recipe I want to tell you how SICK I am of the phone ringing with polls. I get so disgusted by this that I feel like voting is pointless. (I will vote.) It takes the wind out of my sails when I see all the ugly ads etc. Okay, on to the cake recipe!!

  2. I don’t watch much tv, so I’ve (thankfully) missed most of the commercials. That said, I’m SICK of the POSTCARDS that are in my mailbox every single day. When did this become a good idea, candidates???? (Oh, don’t get me started!)

    (And that cake. Want.)

  3. I am soooo sick of the ads also. Ugh. I’ll be checking out the cake as well. I was wondering if you were going to go this weekend. I would surely have considered jumping in the car and going if you were!

  4. A getaway sounds good–you keep a hectic pace. I am furious with the misleading, lying ads–thank you Supreme Court. There was a great editorial in the Denver Post advocating for fact checking the damn things BEFORE they air. But, don’t get me going. i am a political animal!

  5. Usually I’m a reader, not a commenter but today?
    – Commercials…UGH! Next Wednesday can’t come fast enough. I’m just hoping we don’t have any more special elections to extend the “season”. Feels like we’ve been in election mode for eons here in MA, right? Filling Ted Kennedy’s seat, filling John Kerry’s seat, and “regular” elections too. Yeesh.
    – That cake looks yummy and festive.
    – Freegal? Never heard of it. I’m a hardcore library patron in my town (manage my holds and checkouts online, use Overdrive to check out books for my Kindle, etc.). I popped over to their website to see if I have access to Freegal through them and, lo and behold, I do! I’ll be investigating how it works later today. As for spreading the word at your library? Maybe flyers with info and how to use it? Quick classes to educate those who aren’t super tech savvy but would like to use it? Also, get the word out in the children’s and YA areas. They’re all way more tech savvy than the grown-ups and would likely jump on the free music bandwagon pretty quickly.

    Wow, for a usual lurker I sure had a lot to say today…

  6. I’ve just started using Freegal via Poudre River Public Library and love it! Maybe you could put together some 3-song book-related playlists and make fliers or feature them on your library’s website? These ideas seem to be mainly for YA books, but I think they’re a good target audience:
    I’m working my way through downloading some entire albums, so maybe you could feature an “album/artist of the week” at the circ. desk or on the website. “Music for the Holiday” might also be a good idea; my library has >25 pages of Thanksgiving albums and >415 pages of Christmas albums! I hope your patrons start to use it more as it’s really a valuable service. Also, great cake! Thanks!

  7. Well there’s another recipe to add to the list. Yummy! I am so sick of the political ads too. We are going to the Fiber Fest on Sunday so if you have a change in plans just text me – we got room in the car for ya!

  8. I usually read but don’t always comment but I have to say pictures your party blew me away and I must say you know how to throw a party!! Amazing!! The clowns were creepy but
    that’s what Halloween parties are about!!
    I can’t wait for next Tuesday when the commercials will end!!!!!!!

  9. Sick of the political ads, too. Most are paid for by out-of-state money trying to unseat our Senator. Unfortunately, 8 candidates running insures there will be a run-off election, and MORE ads. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to just pay each voter?!

  10. Carole, I meant to write yesterday and tell you that the party costumes and decorations were just great. The creepy clowns scared the s(#t out of me! And the guest costumes were wonderful. Thanks for the pumpkin bundt cake recipe. I will make it for my boys. Freegal sounds great — I had not heard of it before. Is there a way to advertise it via the library website or in high schools? Take care.

  11. You have so many great suggestions from lurkers. It’s a service I’m going to check my local library for and see if I can find some music I’ve always wanted to have on my “pod”.
    Enjoy your weekend and your time with friends. As you know, friends are the bread and butter of life!

  12. There aren’t so many political phone calls here but the ads on TV and the editorials in the paper are driving me nuts! Oh and the huge postcards in the mail. Thank goodness it’s soon over. But…I’ve already seen several Christmas ads on TV. Ugh!
    For your Freegal…ad in paper, signs at the library etc and make sure everyone knows it’s either easy to use or there is help available to help them with the download etc.
    Enjoy your company this weekend!

  13. We keep the mute button handy or go LA-LA-LA during the stomach-sickening political ads (especially for that guy who was a Senator in Massachusetts and has headed north.) It’s funny when the ads for opposing candidates air back to back and say totally opposite things. That cake looks very, very enticing.

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