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This Week In Instagram

Remember when I said I’d never use instagram? Hah! I sort of love instagram now. I love the square photos. I love the hashtags. I love how quick and easy it is to upload there and share on Facebook as well. Yes, I am an instagram convert. And I thought for today it might be fun to show you my week in instagram. (true confession time: some of these photos never actually made it to instagram but they are square and part of the theme of my week so I’m including them anyway.)

turning leaves for carole knits

Friday, 9/18. . Morning. A photo of the leaves turning as seen on my morning walk/run. Yes, I actually ran. Not for very long but I did it and it felt great.

birthday envelope for carole knits

Friday, 9/18. Afternoon. A birthday card in the mail from Margene. Love the decorated envelope.

avocado and tuna tempura for carole knits

Friday, 9/18. Evening. Avocado and Tuna Tempura from Mooncussers, the restaurant Doreen and her husband took us to for my birthday dinner. This tapas dish was a-maze-balls.

striper with lobster and asparagus for carole knits

Friday, 9/18. Evening. Local striper with lobster claws, asparagus, hollandaise and fingerling potatoes. Holy crap but this was delicious.

afternoon refresher for carole knits

Saturday, 9/19. Afternoon. Prosecco and Limoncello cocktails with fresh raspberries. The perfect afternoon refresher on Doreen’s deck.

hello weekend for carole knits

Saturday, 9/19. Evening. Dirty Grey Goose Martini and perfect cocktail napkins. There’s really nothing else to say about this one.

wedding flowers and pumpkins for carole knits

Sunday, 9/20. Morning. Leftover wedding flowers from Dale with mini pumpkins as a backdrop. Thoughtful and sweet and photogenic.

grace rock for carole knits

Monday, 9/21. Morning. Note and gift from Dale with my morning coffee.Perfect start to a really perfect birthday.

the remains of the day

Monday, 9/21. Evening. The remains of my birthday cake. Yes, you have seen this already but it bears repeating. It was delicious and beautiful.

soft boiled egg for carole knits

Tuesday, 9/22. Morning. My first ever soft boiled egg. My mom always made poached eggs when I was growing up and I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a soft boiled egg for a while. I loved it and I think this will be in the regular breakfast rotation from now on.

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  1. I have been an IG slacker lately. I usually check it out a couple of times a day but haven’t had a chance lately. That Prosecco/Limoncello cocktail looks yummy. Lisa swears I will love Prosecco. I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. I’m from New England, so I ought to have known better, but I misread your Friday entree as being a stripper with lobster claws and wondered what kind of place you’d ended up at for supper!

  3. You’re enabling me–all that glorious food just when I am on a tear, eating anything that doesn’t eat me first. Beautiful pictures!

  4. While I love your Instagram photos, please stop posting photos of that delicious-looking cake 😉 You’re going to force me to go to the bakery!

  5. Here I was, in the process being red faced for missing some of your Instagram feed, and to my relief, you confessed some pictures didn’t make it. whew
    So glad you had a fabulous week! You should keep on celebrating for a week or two more! 50 ROCKS!

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