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Three Things: Hello, November 2/30

I said it yesterday but I’m repeating it today: It’s November. And, you now, November doesn’t get a whole lot of love. The days are chilly and often damp, the gardens are done and the view is, well, brown. But I happen to think that focusing on the good will change the way you feel about something so today I’m going to write about 3 good things in November.

  1. Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday of all of them. I love the gathering of family and friends, I love the prepping of food and setting of tables, I love the eating and drinking. I love that our tradition is to spend the holiday itself with friends and then gather our kids together the Saturday after Thanksgiving to have Thanksmas. One extra bonus this year is that Thanksgiving is early and that means there’s no mad rush to take down all of the Thanksgiving stuff and get out the Christmas stuff – it’s over a week this year until the first of December.
  2. Veteran’s Day. Not only do we set up our Field of Flags in honor and memory of many veterans but our Kiwanis club also hosts a meal for our local veterans. They join us, along with one member of their family, for a wonderful evening of fellowship and good food. They tell stories and greet old friends and it’s a really special night. It’s looking like my father-in-law will be able to attend (he may even be home by then) and I’m super excited for him to be there after the road he’s been on for this last little while.
  3. Hygge. Yes, my friends, with the shortened days and chilly weather comes hygge. Driving home from work in the dusky evening is not my favorite thing but it does make my home that much more welcoming when I turn the corner on to my street. I light candles and make comforting things to eat like beef stew and chicken pot pie. We stoke the wood stove and watch lots of television. We read books and snuggle under quilts and we just sort of gather in and hunker down so that even when it’s blustery outside it’s cozy and lovely inside.

There you have it – three pretty good things about November. I hope you’ll show November some love this month and think about the good things it brings, including NaBloPoMo!

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  1. November has always been pretty good to me, with cooler weather, soups, stews, and home-baked bread, and Thanksgiving. I think you’re right about focusing on the good!

  2. November is a favorite month of mine – Thanksgiving, Birthdays, my anniversary, time with family and friends. …and now I’m adding hygge to the list!

  3. Well said! Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday — all that cozy togetherness and good food; I love it. Despite the cold and dreary-ness of November, there’s certainly comfort in coming home to a hygge-house. XO

  4. I am also a fan of Thanksgiving and the big, big crowd we host each year. I think we’ve got a pretty good hygge vibe going at home too. Bring on all the comforts!

  5. I’ve never had a problem with November because… BIRTHDAY!! It can certainly be a fickle month… I’ve had snowmen on my birthday and also lunch al fresco (different years)! 🙂

  6. You remind me that I need to get more hygge into my life as I’ll be spending more time indoors, reading, knitting, cuddling under blankets and kicking back. November is a great month!

  7. I am a bit ambivalent about November, but you have reminded me of all the great things that are possible this month with the right attitude. Thanks, Carole! Happy November!

  8. I’m mixed on November now-would be happy if November and December fell off the calendar. Nonetheless I do love the smells that come with November cinnamon, apple, all spice, etc.

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