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Three On Thursday: The Thanksgiving One 22/30

In keeping with the holiday and the fact that it’s Thursday, here are three things I’m grateful for on this day.

  1. Family. Dale is my husband and partner in everything I do and I’m so grateful to have him by my side. Our kids are the light of my life, they bring me joy and I love spending time with them. And then we have those grandkids, Jackie has connected us as a family in a truly special way. This year I’m especially grateful for my amazing father-in-law, Jack. We came so close to losing him this summer that I’m extra appreciative of the wisdom and guidance he always provides.
  2. Friends. I’ve got the best friends ever. Seriously, girlfriends for life, like Doreen, and girlfriends that came along later, like Jo-Ann. Plus my knitting friends and work friends and Kiwanis friends and friends in our community. It’s a big circle and I’m so glad to be part of it.
  3. All the rest: my home and my health, meaningful work, pets and gardens and bloggers, a comfortable bed to climb into every night, books to read, yarn for knitting, and the fact that I’m living a life that feels incredibly blessed and authentic.

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful and delicious Thanksgiving!

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  1. It’s so powerful to think of all the wonderful things that make up our lives! Enjoy your day, Carole. Fill the world with thanksgiving and love. XO

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