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Three On Thursday

September is, according to Gretchen Rubin, the Other New Year. I couldn’t agree more, I always feel like September is a great time for starting new routines, getting back on track with things you let slide over the summer, and just feeling excited about new projects. Here are three things I’m doing right now to celebrate the start of the Other New Year.

  1. On the getting back on track front, I’m recommitted to bringing my lunch to work every day. I started this habit last year and I’ve been pretty good about it, cooking extra of meals and making sure there’s stuff at home to bring. I got a little lazy about it over the summer since I don’t cook as much but I’ve got a cute new lunch box and I’m inspired to bring healthy meals from home.
  2. I’m starting something new by committing to learning about chakras. I’m taking an online class that’s offered by a friend of mine and, while I am a complete beginner to the study, it makes sense and feels right for me to learn about in this moment. You know that feeling when something keeps coming up over and over and you finally decide to pay attention to your intuition about it? That’s me and chakras right now.
  3. I’m feeling excited about a few things right now, actually. I’m excited that my run as secretary of my Kiwanis club ends in a few weeks. It’s been fun but I’m ready for a break from the extra work it involves. I’m excited about a new online watercolor class I’m taking. And I’m excited about having Jackie on Friday afternoons again now that Jessica is back to working on Fridays.

Do you feel like September is a great time for a fresh start? Or to try something new? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. September is a month of refocus for me, too. That and an intense desire to but at least one new stationery or school supply. I tend to think in terms of what to accomplish before year end, even if it includes starting something new.

    It’s amazing how much money you can save with a little prior lunch planning. I used to make a huge pot of chili or soup every few weeks and freeze it in single portions for fall & winter lunches. Just grab & go in the morning.

  2. I am trying to really use the “energy” of September to get me on track for the fall. (I had a super relaxed summer and can use the extra kick!) I studied chakras last year and while some of it is a bit . . . out there . . . I really got (am still getting!) a lot out of it. And CHEERS for watercolor! So hard — but so fun to do. And that lunchbox is very happy and inspiring. 🙂 Good stuff, Carole.

  3. Three interesting things today! I am waiting for September Energy to arrive and I hope it will do so with the cooler weather we have forecast for this weekend. And, a watercolor class sounds like a lovely thing to do! Good for you!!

  4. I’m thinking October 1 will be the September 1 for me as I am taking every single minute of this warm weather and behaving like it’s still summer! Bringing an organized lunch again is very front and center on my list. Maybe a new lunchbox will help me too!

  5. I was overcome by the need to buy a big fat fancy planner yesterday – I’m not sure the pull for new school supplies ever goes away!

    I was just reading Gretchen Rubin’s email that came out today, and I think I agree that September feels like a good time for a fresh start.

  6. Even better than just recognizing that new start feeling of September is celebrating with some new actions! A pretty new lunch box, learning something new, and of course, Fridays with Jackie are all exciting. I hope you’ll share some of what you learn about chakras.

  7. It’s cool in the Rockies and like you I always feel that September is for new beginnings. Your lunch box is the bomb!

  8. September always feels like a start over, New Year month to me. It used to be because of the whole back to school thing and now September marks the end of the summer season at work. I finally have time off again and can get back to having a real life. And walking. I really, really need to get back into taking daily walks – just as soon as the temperatures drop below 95 degrees.

  9. I love your lunchbag! I bring my lunch almost every day, and have a nice bag, but yours is WAY CUTER! I think I need a cute one. 😉 I’m not sensing any “other new year” vibes right now… just going with the flow!

  10. Very cute lunch bag! I usually bring my lunch to work (mostly raw veggies and a bit of cheese or else something left over from the night before or the weekend before). I need/want to pay better attention to what I am consuming (and cut back some). I am also dreaming of soups, chili, stews – all those great winter comfort foods (by February I’ll be dreaming of summer salads – lol). I’ve gone to a lecture on chakras, but for me it was all a little too new-agey. I’ll be curious to hear what your take on it is. Enjoy your Fridays with Jackie – I’ll look forward to grandbaby pictures!!

  11. Good stuff, Carole. I always feel like there are new possibilities when September rolls around. The promise of cooler temps that are still friendly to outdoor activities like yard work, getting ready for winter like the Little Red Hen, and thinking about new commitments to myself. I need to take a watercolor class! I have always wanted to do that, but never thought about doing it online. I simply love autumn, and I can’t wait for the new smells, the rainy days with books, and the clear, so very blue skies. Nice lunchbox! A new prop always helps establish new habits. I have been thinking about doing some “big cooks” and stocking my freezer with lots of winter meals lately. I think that is my next big project. How nice will it be to have something to thaw when I just don’t want to cook? Very, very nice.

  12. Nice list!! Sept. 11 starts my 60th turn around the sun and it will be the start of a new year with new things too. Yay for having Jackie again!!

  13. It was a happy day when I tossed my lunch box because I no longer had a reason to have one! I took my lunch for many, many years and loved having good food at hand, but now there is no need to eat away from home (unless I’m going to lunch), but, anyway… Your lunch box is gorgeous and certainly would make lunch a festive, fun daily exercise. September has a “new” feeling to it, but I am enjoying it as an extended summer. Orion may be overhead, but I’m not listening. lalalala

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