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Three On Thursday

Hand’s down, the number one thing people say when I see them around town is how envious they are of our Friday Night Snacks™. And I generally reply, really? It’s just cheese and crackers. But I know, despite my self-deprecating, that’s it’s more special than that and today I’m going to share 3 ideas for making your snack plates a little more special, too.

  1. Get yourself some pretty serving plates. I pick them up at all kinds of places, from Christmas Tree Shop to Home Goods to yard sales. I love ones with words on them like Celebrate, I love plane white ones, and I love special seasonal ones. It’s nice to have a variety because you can rotate them to make things more fun but you can also tailor your plate to match (or not clash) with your food. Going along with those serving plates, get yourself some fun cocktail napkins. I have an entire drawer of cocktail napkins to choose from. Some are seasonal, some are snarky, some are generic and some are just plain. Like the plates, I pick them up in lots of places and I’m always on the look out for them. Cocktail napkins make great souvenirs, too!
  2. Serve a variety of snacks. My go-to is cheese, crackers & olives. I also like to add some salami and hardboiled or pickled eggs when I have them. I like to have a couple of different types/flavors of cheese, too. I’m a big fan of stinky cheese but a nice cheese spread is always welcome as is a good aged cheddar, smoked gouda, pepperjack and more. If cheese isn’t your thing (well, if cheese isn’t your thing I don’t know if we can be friends, honestly) then go for something else like vegetables and dip or snack mix. The idea is to have something that’s easy to pull together that’s easy to eat. When I’m feeling fancier I do other things like hummus or stuffed mushrooms, baked dips or homemade calzones. I have a whole Pinterest board of appetizers and I just recently started one called Friday Night Snacks.
  3. Establish a ritual. Regular commenter Robby is the one who pointed out to me that the big draw of our Friday Night Snacks is the ritual of it all and I think she’s 100% right. The thing that makes this time special is about more than the pretty plates and funny cocktail napkins. It’s more than having really expensive cheese from Vermont. It’s about the time we spend together, it’s about making the extra effort to set this time aside. And for us what works is Friday nights. Maybe for you it’s Saturday afternoon or Wednesdays after work, it doesn’t matter when you set apart the time for something special, what matters is that you do it.

Those are my thoughts on how you can incorporate a special routine into your week. I can’t wait to hear if you try this out!

And don’t forget to leave a link to your blog if you wrote a Thursday post for this week!

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  1. I’m home by myself this week, so dinner has been yogurt or cereal, but tonight it’s going to be Thursday Night Snacks! I’m glad to have a good reason to buy some great cheese, and maybe I’ll even make myself something a little fancy. Thanks!

  2. I know this can sound trite, but I think your attractive presentation of Friday Night Snacks says, “This time is important for us.” Who doesn’t want to feel important to their nearest & dearest.

    You inspired me to make one of those big fancy cheese boards this summer when we had guests visiting. It was ‘lunch’ most days. As we finished off an item, I put something new in its place the next day. Such a great way to see everyone gets something they like without being a short order cook. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Friday just screams “Happy Hour” and feels like such a lovely little indulgence with such simple things! And, I need to up my napkin game!

  4. The napkins are my favorite part! 🙂 I’ve got quite a collection myself — and they always add a little FUN to the Friday Night Snack scene. Great suggestions, Carole — and a great way to celebrate Fridays with the people you love. XO

  5. Great advice! It’s almost impossible to,go by a cutie like Jackie and not give a big ole smile. Here’s a long distance smile and kisses xoxoxo!

  6. When we first got married we had Friday night suppers. My husband’s construction crew, friends and neighbors would wander in for drinks on the deck (or around the wood stove in winter,) a few (1,000) games of pool and supper which was usually cooked mostly on the grill. I never knew who’d show up, so I’d just make a ton of food & what ever didn’t get eaten that night was enjoyed over the weekend. Eventually, the kids came along, we moved away and the tradition died. I really miss it though and would love to restart it.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this post, Carole, and here it is, as promised. Great tips, and you are right, the ritual is all. I will have to see what times will work for us, and I know it is easy, but I will have to work to incorporate it into my shopping. I just don’t think snack board when I grocery shop.

  8. With college football, we’re attempting to shift Snacks from Friday night to Saturday … and I have to say, it’s hard! There is something special about Friday Night Snacks that just doesn’t translate to Saturday. I’m sure it’s the ritual. and boy I need to up my napkin game 🙂

  9. You had me at “cheese!” I am a cheese lover from waaay back…love your idea of using festive plates and fun napkins…
    For sure, your tips will come in handy for the holidays that are upon us! Appreciating the inspiration!

  10. A friend I used to travel with always bought cocktail napkins everywhere she could and it was for this very reason. Your ideas are marvelous, but I don’t think anyone can pull of #FNS the way you can!

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