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Three On Thursday

Happy Independence Day, America! Today I’m sharing 3 random thoughts on celebrating (or not) the 4th of July.

  1. Ask my family and they will tell you what I always say: I hate the 4th of July. Now, before you all get on me for that statement, I don’t hate that it’s a celebration of our country’s independence. I hate that Dale works all day with the band. He’s up super early to go to Plymouth for the parade, comes home briefly midday (usually with just enough time for a quick nap and a cool shower) and then he goes to Sandwich for an evening concert. These shows make a lot of people very happy and I’m glad that Dale can provide entertainment for them but for me it means a long day at home. Normally I love a day to myself but when I see all the people on social media having fun at cook outs and parades and fireworks well . . . I tend to feel a little sorry for myself. Hence my statement about hating the day. I’m working on doing better, though and a big part of that is just not looking at Instagram of Facebook! Ha!
  2. I love the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest that takes place at Coney Island every July 4th. I make a point of watching it and, while it may be gross at times (they dip the buns in water to make it easier to swallow blergh) it’s super high energy and wildly entertaining. Will Joey Chestnut keep the mustard belt for the 4th year in a row? Tune in to ESPN today at 12 Noon to find out!
  3. This is from last year but at a time when I feel deeply concerned over the direction our country is going and the decisions the administration is making, it bears repeating.

I hope whatever you do today is fabulous!

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  1. I can relate-this 4th is the first one in 30 years that Steve has not had to work. Atlanta has always had so much going on it was always all hands on deck. Since I’m doing a clean eating plan there won’t be any grilling ’cause no red meat and my fish recipe isn’t really one for the grill. Instead I’m going to reflect on the day, enjoy a very long walk, and some knitting. Sophie doesn’t do well with the fireworks so we won’t be going anywhere. Besides, I have to work tomorrow so there’s that- Happy 4th.

  2. Happy 4th. It’s usually a quiet day for me too and today will be the same. Some cooking, some crafting, some reflection on the day. And I will not be watching the insanity happening in DC today – I assume the show of military might is still happening. Just thinking about all of it makes me sad … and mad. Can I borrow your picture with the quote from Lincoln?

  3. We aren’t doing anything today because neither of us can take the heat and humidity. But at least we both have a day off work, so I’ll take it!

    Hope you can enjoy your day, however you decide to do it.

  4. I am having a very hard time feeling festive this year, given what the current administration is doing, but I am enjoying having an extra day at home with my family. I hope you can at least find some time to do something you love today!

  5. Our town does fireworks on July 3rd (because it’s cheaper!) so the 4th is also pretty quiet around here, too. Wishing you an enjoyable day however you spend it (knitting, reading, an impromptu cookout of your own?), along with hope that we can make a change for the better happen in our country.

  6. Having worked in both hospitality and a hospital I totally get the part where it isn’t a holiday for everyone. These days we relax, read, eat great food and then try to get to sleep before midnight, if the neighbors cooperate on the fireworks (which are illegal). At least it has been so wet this year we aren’t afraid someone’s fireworks are going to start a wildfire.

  7. I can relate–one of our dogs get so distressed at fireworks that it is always a tough night for us. Living on the coast, it seems the holiday is just becoming a time for drunk and rude behavior. Oh well.

  8. When Rusty used to do art fairs, he’d often be gone on “important” days — y’know, Mother’s Day is a GREAT day for an art fair! I hope you find something fun to do for yourself today. xo

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