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Three On Thursday

Today, because it’s hot and sticky. Today, because the hot and sticky might make me feel a little cranky. Today, because there have been some crappy things I’ve had to deal with lately . . . I’m sharing three things I’m feeling grateful for right now.

Thing One:
Summer evenings. Yes, despite the hot and sticky I still love summer and in particular I love summer evenings. I love the light that seems to last forever. I love the warm air that allows us to be outside until late. I love sitting on the deck or under the pergola. I love impromptu and spontaneous things like cocktails by the (kiddie) pool and pizza and a fire at a friend’s house. I’m grateful for every moment that summer brings into my life.

Thing Two:
Essential oils. I have mentioned this now and again but I continue to be amazed at the things essential oils can do. I love diffusing oils because I can make all kinds of scent combinations to correspond with my mood or needs. Energizing scents like lemon and peppermint in the morning and calming scents like lavender and bergamot in the evening are some of my favorites. And, as an aside, I haven’t lit a scented candle in forever! I also love using essential oils for stuff my body needs. I have gotten into the habit of googling whatever thing it is I’m trying to deal with + essential oils and I’ve found some terrific home remedies. I realize this is anecdotal and I’m not giving medical advice here but for me I’ve been able to solve some issues naturally instead of using other types of medicine and that really makes me happy. I’d be glad to share more with you about my essential oil journey if you’re interested – just let me know.

Thing Three:
Good blood test results. Yep, my blood work from my doctor’s visit last week came back normal. My cholesterol is a little high but not high enough to warrant medication at this time and we’re going to check it again in 3 months and go from there. Other than that, things are fine and I am feeling very relieved and grateful for this good news.

There’s nothing quite like focusing on gratitude to help elevate your mood. What are you feeling grateful for right now?

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  1. It’s five o’clock and my warm Dachshund has cuddled in my lap—bliss. And yes, I would like to know more about essentials oils.

    And we readers are happy that you are well and keeping us reading. Have a bright day!

  2. Hooray for good lab work! Glad you’re blue to find some other things to feel good about, too.

  3. Congrats on that blood work! I’m grateful for the hummingbird at my feeder this morning and a full night’s sleep last night (I’m not a great sleeper, so this is big!).

  4. I’m grateful that I managed to mow the lawn yesterday without collapsing in the heat, grateful for a good night’s sleep because I was really beat, and thankful for the wonderful cup of tea I’m drinking. Hooray for essential oils and good blood work, but I just can’t express gratitude for the hot and sticky!

  5. The next couple of days are going to be a challenge with the heat and humidity – but they will make me profoundly grateful for AC!

    YAY for the good blood work!! WOOO!

  6. YAY for the good lab results. I think this weekend will be a real test (temps in the 100’s with high humidity), but I have some cocktails planned and not much else. Time to take it easy and I’m grateful that I can do that.

  7. Congrats on the blood work!! (That’s a weird sentence.) It is going to be so hot here the next couple of days, with heat indexes well over 100F! Too hot. I’d love to hear more about your essential oils journey… I have dipped my toe in the EO water, but there is much to learn and I love hearing about it from a real person. 🙂

  8. Glad to hear the good news about the bloodwork! I suspect we could all do to lower our cholesterol, but at least that’s something that can be dealt with.

    Today (and for the next several days) I’m very grateful for air conditioning. Much as I love all the extra daylight we get in the summer, I can’t deal with the heat and the humidity.

  9. I’ve always thought the essential oil craze was a bit of a crock but then I never would have believed wearing a magnet bracelet for 15 minutes could do what a carpel tunnel brace does in 24 hours, or that Vicks Vapor Rub smeared on my feet would stop a cough. Perhaps I need to give them a try before I dismiss them. I’d love to hear beginners suggestions.
    Glad your blood tests were good!

  10. Hooray for good lab work! I do love the light, Carole, but not the heat and humidity, so I can’t join in with your enthusiasm about that. I have a diffuser that I like quite a bit, even though the computer chip in it died pretty quickly after I bought it. 🙁

  11. well those are three things I can be grateful for, too! … we ALL need to be finding things – even little things – AND sharing them … I’m convinced it’s all that’s keeping me from falling down some deep dark hole some days.

  12. I am glad you got good news on the blood work. My daughter encouraged me to try some essential oils this winter and I am glad she did. I made a great insect repellent as I am a magnet for bug bites in the yard. I’ve been using a mixture for cleaning shower door glass that works well. Gratitude does help boost my mood. So glad you offered this post.

  13. Agree with wanting more info on the EO’s – so many options out there and would love hearing about what works for you.

  14. These are all very good things! I have to say that I LOVE Frankincense for my aging face….good stuff!

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