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Three On Thursday

Today I’m sharing 3 photos from my Christmas break . . .

We took a few photos in front of the tree. Some are better than this one because they are more in focus or include more people, but I love this one because of the way I’m looking at Jackie.

This one is missing Dale, who took the photo, and Mikey, as he wasn’t with us at this point, but I love it even if it doesn’t include all of us. So much love right there, it makes my heart burst.

And Fred and George. Because I had lots and lots of snuggles with them over the holidays.

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  1. Lots of love in all those pictures, Carole. I’m so glad you all got to be together over the holidays. It must have felt amazing. Fred and George look like they are growing!

  2. Jackie is getting so big! And I agree… it does look like Fred and George are growing!

    Thank you so much for sharing these slivers of joy XO

  3. Such happy people pics, for sure. But those KITTIES! Oh my gosh! They look like they’re posing for one of those Weekly Reader pull-out posters from elementary school… The ‘arm,’ and eye contact–you couldn’t have asked for better subjects. Sheesh.
    Happy weekend to you.

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