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Three On Thursday

I saw a post from an artist I follow on Instagram the other night and it was a list called three things I need right now. Three things? That sounds familiar. It also sounds like great inspiration for this week’s Three On Thursday.

  1. Hot soup with homemade bread. I’ll have you know that I had this on my list before I read Kym’s post yesterday about making homemade soup and focaccia. It’s January in Massachusetts and it’s cold and it’s definitely soup and bread weather.
  2. Fresh flowers. I normally buy tulips in January. They are pretty and they bring me joy and I love to photograph them. However, I have not been shopping inside the store and tulips aren’t available for online ordering, apparently. I’m weighing whether I want them badly enough to actually go inside and purchase them.
  3. A milk frother for work. I got a milk frother for home last week after I didn’t get a Nespresso for Christmas. (I didn’t actually expect a Nespresso for Christmas, FYI) I drink two cups of coffee every morning. My first cup is always black, but for my second cup, I don’t mind mixing things up a bit and having a frother is amazing. I use oat milk and teeny bit of vanilla syrup along with some cinnamon and hot honey. It’s easy to do at home and I thought having this treat on weekends would be enough. However, I find myself craving this self care (and delicious) ritual on week days, too, so a frother for work may just be finding it’s way to me.

And there you have it. 3 simple things I absolutely need right now.

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  1. Sounds like a comforting list, so go for the frother and the soup/bread! The tulips depend on how much Omicron you have up there. We have way too much down here to risk going to the store for flowers, but YMMV. If not tulips, I hope you see the beauty you seek elsewhere.

  2. We got a package the other day that turned out to be a gift from one of my husband’s coworkers. It was two containers of vegetable soup, half a dozen rolls, and half a dozen cookies, along with a fancy ladle. And it made for a perfect dinner on a frigid night! When it’s dark and cold and miserable, soup and bread really do make the most perfect meal.

  3. Now you’ve made me want to go dig out my frother! I’m super lazy when it comes to my beverages (a dollop of plain old cream in my coffee, a bit of honey for my tea, just open the bottle of wine and pour. . . ), but your frothed milk “recipe” sounds like a really nice treat right about now! 🙂

  4. Everyone (except maybe Floridians?) needs soup and bread in the winter! And you and Kat have shown me that I might need a frother but I didn’t even realize it. Good luck finding curbside flowers!

  5. Lots of soup making here too and this afternoon I am also planning to make some focaccia to make the soup more of a meal. I got a new fritter for Christmas. My old one was wobbly on the base and I have to hold it down to make it work. So nice to just push the button and let it do the work. Oat milk fan here too.

  6. I plan to make soup this weekend, just the thing for January weather! I might also now have to make some homemade foccacia bread or maybe popovers. I think I might have to look into a frother for home after I bring my Nespresso to the lake in the spring … that’s a great idea!

  7. We had the last of our homemade soup from the freezer the other week…so this weekend I’ll be making some split pea soup and, hopefully, baking some bread. I froth my milk for coffee every time. It is just so good…and the heated (frothed) milk keeps the coffee warmer than if I just dumped in some milk. I even got a frother to put in our camper!

  8. I’ve been making soup since October, so cozy. I love soup and all kinds of bread. Alas, wheat is off the menu for me as we sort out health issues. I’ve been baking anyway because that’s half the joy, but I’m afraid my neighbors might start pretending they aren’t home soon.

    No link to the milk frother of choice? Please share, as I’ve been contemplating one. I’m also off cow’s milk and a hot cup of almond milk with a teaspoon of instant espresso is filling in as the hot beverage of choice. I feel like I’d like to test their “Exceptional Frothing” claim. So?

  9. Yes to the soup! And the frother. I make steamed milk with cinnamon ( maybe it’s frothed? I am no expert) for my coffee almost every morning in the winter, it’s such an upgrade. And the coffee stays hot longer.

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