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Hello, March

It’s the first Monday of the month, time to welcome March and set some intentions . . .

It’s a mixed bag of a month . . .

We can still get significant snow, but it doesn’t last long.
I still have flannel sheets on the bed, but sometimes it’s too warm for that.
Snow drops and crocus are blooming and daffodil shoots are growing, but actually gardening feels like a long way off still.
The days are longer, but it’s still too cold for cocktails on the deck.

I will welcome March with excitement and anticipation, honoring my longing for spring while also staying present and grounded in the here and now.

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  1. I may be a tad less optimistic than you. I read that last bit as “grounded in the here and the SNOW.” Which is fairly accurate for March where I live. Ha, ha.

  2. That’s the best way to welcome March, Carole. It’s such a fickle, surprising month! You just never know what will happen next . . . XO

  3. We’ve had a few teaser days and a few late afternoons where we could sit on the patio, but lately it’s been too chilly and windy for that. I did ditch the flannel sheets the other week though!

  4. My pergola lights aren’t coming on until 5:45 (next week that’ll be 6:45), there’s reason to open the blinds in the bedroom when I get up for work (i.e., I can see stuff), and I drove home from work the other day without my auto headlights coming on! It’s coming… and you’ve got the right attitude!! xo

  5. I hope you’ll see some more flowers popping up soon — everything is starting to bloom here, even though it’s a bit early. I always feel like March is when we’re reminded that winter will eventually end.

  6. It is hard to stay grounded in the here and now when spring beckons … and starts to BLOOM! those snow drops are enchanting!

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