Some Days You’ve Got Nothing

Sometimes blogging is hard. Not the technical stuff but the content stuff. The moment comes in every day when I think, hmmm, what to blog about for tomorrow? And a lot of the time, probably even most of the time, I have an idea right away. Sometimes I even have a whole week (or more) planned out.

Not this week, though.

I’m wishing now I’d saved some of the stuff we did this weekend so that I could share it with you today. Or that I had some knitting that was worthy of photographing and sharing at the moment. (I don’t. I’m on the 3rd iteration of a hat for Dale and you all know what rounds and rounds of black stockinette look like.) I wish I had some book reviews or recipes or a happiness hacks. But I don’t.

I’ve got nothing. Well, nothing except this poem which I found when I was googling for poems about peace, peace being my One Little Word for 2017. I’ll share it now because I want to remember it and reflect on it. And maybe you will find meaning in it, too.

morning sun down back for carole knits

I Wish For Peace, Sharifah Hanna, September 2009

When times of sorrow
Come each day,
I always feel sad
And sigh away.

Always a war, needs fighting
Always a life, suffering,
Oh, how I wish,
I wish for peace.

Though, I know, ’tis a test
Laid for us by God,
That the day comes
Of no more burden,
No more load.

A time of love,
A time of ease,
Oh, how I wish,
I wish for peace.

But, what would I give
For people to always get along,
Instead of shouting curses
To, maybe, sing a song?

I hope, I will live
To see my dream come true,
As, I hope, your dreams do to.
Right now, I will wish,
I wish for peace.



Yesterday afternoon Dale and I were sitting together on the couch having a snack and chatting. And he turned to me and said, “this was the perfect weekend. You were in charge of one day and I was in charge of the other.” Ummm. I’m not sure which day he thinks he was in charge of but, sure, I’ll go with that. And he was right about the weekend being perfect, for sure.

On Friday I did not watch the inauguration. I was actually doing my grocery shopping at noon and remained happily ignorant of the proceedings. Okay, not really. I was keenly aware of the time and knew what was happening but chose not to witness it. I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and reading, journaling about my feelings (it helps) and getting ready for some Friday night company.

You know that Friday nights are generally a time we set aside for just us. No company, no plans, we stay home and catch our breaths and it’s a great way to end the week and ease into the weekend. Sometimes, though, an opportunity presents itself that makes us break those Friday night rules. So, when Doreen texted me on Thursday and said they’d be in Boston on Friday afternoon and would we be around when they headed home around 5 and would be maybe want to get some sushi, I jumped at the chance.

friday night sushi for carole knits

The sushi was fantastic, of course. We’re very lucky to have Tatami, a fabulous sushi restaurant right here in town and they deliver. I know for a lot of you that’s probably not a big deal but here in the ‘burbs our take out options are pretty much limited to pizza and Chinese. The addition of this sushi place has been a bright spot in our bleak take out choices. So we had a great night of sushi and wine, games and catching up.

On Saturday morning I got up and made a list of things we could do that day. I showed it to Dale when he joined me for coffee and I said, “you know, hygge is great but sometimes you need to get out and have some fun.” And boy, did we have fun! Jo-Ann joined us and we first went to the small business marketplace at Simpson Spring.


From there we headed to The Farmer’s Daughter for a late breakfast. We had a bit of a wait but we didn’t mind one bit since the weather was warm enough that we could be comfortable outside. The Bacon Bloody Marys didn’t hurt, either. Our meals was fabulous, a burger for Dale and chicken and waffles benedict for Jo-Ann and I. The waitress called that dish life-changing and she may have been right about that.

After lunch we did some antiquing at The Eclectic Collection. We wandered around the booths and had fun looking at lots of things we remembered from our childhoods.

dale with doll

Dale found this doll and Jo-Ann shrieked, “look, it’s Kellyanne Conway!”  All that was missing, as my friends on Facebook pointed out, was the cat buttons.

black hat

We ended the afternoon at Black Hat Beer Works, a great little brewery in our area. The Chili Chocolate Stout was awesome, I must say. Dale and I spent the rest of the evening playing Mexican Train, a great way to end a very fun day.

it takes a village for carole knits

Hygge was back in play on Sunday. I cleaned out and sorted some kitchen cabinets. Dale worked outside for a while, cleaning out (and throwing out!!) some things in the garage. I played around with some watercolors and made some soup for my lunch this week.

afc champ game snacks


And then we got ready for the Pats game. Jo-Ann and Shawn joined us and we had a great time cheering on our team. We’re going to the Super Bowl!!

So, it was a great weekend. And no, we didn’t attend the Woman’s March in Boston on Saturday. We had talked about it and even sort of planned on it but ultimately chose not to go. Watching the news Saturday night and seeing all those pink hats and women and men coming together to protest Trump’s policies I did sort of wish we had. But, I’m sure this march was only the first step, and there will be plenty of opportunities for being activists. I won’t miss out on the next one.



Eye Candy Friday

let there be light for carole knits

Words to remember every day, but especially on this day:

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. ” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Find some light and love this weekend, my friends.


Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for this week is to write about 3 things you would do if YOU were the President of the United States.


Tomorrow is Inauguration Day and for the first time in many years I will not be watching. You probably already know this about me but in case you don’t, I will say that I’m a bit of a news and political junkie. So, Inauguration Day? Right up my alley. I love the pomp and circumstance, the music, the poetry, the speeches, the parade and all of the political pundits dissecting every detail of the event.

Or should I say loved. Because this year? Nope. We did, however, want to find a way to tie this event into our topic this week and that’s when Kat and I decided it would be awesome to think about what we would do if we were president. Here are my 3 top things.

  1. Implement Universal Health Care. I believe that health care is a right not a privilege. I further believe that no one should have to experience financial hardship, debt or bankruptcy because they got sick. I’m a fan of the single payer model for funding. And, while I think the transtion of this would be difficult for our country I still truly believe it’s the best thing that could happen in the end.
  2. Appoint a left leaning justice to the Supreme Court. I want someone who would uphold gay marriage and would not strive to overturn Roe v. Wade. I’m thinking Barack Obama might be an excellent choice.
  3. Create a system for publicly funded college education for all. Student debt is atrocious and out of control. Furthermore, I believe that we owe students whatever level of education it takes to earn a living wage and currently that is difficult on a high school education. In other words, if you need a college degree to support yourself then we should provide that level of education with public funds.

Now, don’t expect me to explain how I will pay for these ideas and plans. I mean, why should I be any different than most candidates running for office?

If you wrote a post for this week’s Think Write Thursday please click the button below to add your link before next Wednesday. If you want to subscribe to the Think Write Thursday weekly email (it’s the only way to get the weekly prompt) please click here.

Wednesdays Are For Knitting : Peace Cowl #1

My Peace Cowl has been finished for a couple of weeks (if memory serves I finished on 12/30 but I didn’t document this) and I’ve been waiting for a proper photo shoot so that I could show it to you. But. You know what? It’s Wednesday and I haven’t talked about knitting in ages and, even without that proper photo shoot, I’m sharing this finished cowl with you.

peace cowl 1 for carole knits

Luckily, the iPhone takes a decent photo. The color is called Blossom and it’s Opal, one of Kim’s yummy yarns. It’s super soft and cozy around my neck.

peace cowl 2 for carole knits

The pattern was very enjoyable to knit, mostly mindless but not boring at all. It’s maybe a little longer than I needed it to be but extra coziness is not a bad thing at all.

peace cowl selfie for carole knits

I’ve worn if a few times, including yesterday, when I snapped this selfie just before I headed to work.

Don’t I look peaceful? No? Well, it’s a rough week for feeling peaceful and I may be expecting a little too much from a handknit, even one made out of cashmere.

Still. I love it so much I’m already working on another one.


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