Eye Candy Friday

blueberry bucket for carole knits


Of course today’s Eye Candy had to be blueberries. I took that photo last Saturday when Dale and I were picking and those berries were huge.

And hey, look at that, it’s the weekend! Make it a great one!

Yard Yahtzee!

Back in June, when we talked about things we wanted to do this summer, I said I wanted to play Yard Yahtzee. I had seen this post originally and then also this one. And this one. I still liked the first one the best, though, and that’s the one Dale modeled our version after.

yard yahtzee 1 for carole knits

He got a 4×4 from our local hardware store – for free since it was an extra piece they had around and they gave it to him. He cut that into 5 blocks, sanded them, and then burned the circles into the wood with a wood burning tool. It was a lengthier process than I anticipated but he persevered and I’m so glad he did because, friends, this is fun with a capital F-U-N!

yard yahtzee 2 for carole knits

The very first time was played was last Thursday night and I rolled a Yahtzee on my first turn. Woot!

We have played twice since then – we brought it to a cook out on Sunday and we also played on Tuesday night when we had friends over for dinner. What a blast, especially since our friends aren’t very competitive and no one takes it too seriously. That may or may not have something to do with the cosmos we drank first. And then the wine we drank while playing. You know me, always boozing it up.


I can’t tell you enough how much we are enjoying this game. I’ve seen it for sale on etsy (it’s not cheap) but it’s totally doable as a DIY project, as well.

Yard Yahtzee – our new favorite summer pastime!


Checking In On Those Intentions

basil for carole knits

Back in January I made a list of 10 intentions for 2015. Now that we are more than halfway through the year I think it’s high time for a check up on those intentions.

Use my iPhone camera.

  • Check! I use my iPhone camera a lot. Part of this is because the camera on the iPhone 6 is bomb but it’s also because I have learned to use some great apps to process my photos right on the phone. I will be sharing a post soon about my favorites.

Join instagram.

  • Check! I’m not a frequent poster but I’m doing more and more and really enjoying it. I like it especially for seeing the beautiful photos that people share, there is some amazing stuff on there.

Fully participate in One Little Word.

  • Check! I have been keeping up with the prompts every month and that has helped with the incorporation of grace into my life. I still struggle and sometimes I fail, particularly under difficult circumstances, but it’s a process I’m enjoying.

Recommit to exercise.

  • No check here. I have really struggled with my exercise routine this year. My personal trainer left the Y, I haven’t clicked with anyone new, and I just haven’t been making the time for this. BUT I’ve got a plan for getting back on track, starting with squats and a plank every day, and I feel good about this. I’m very thankful that I haven’t gained any weight despite my lack of effort here but I feel like a slug and that needs to end. NOW. Putting it out here will help me to be accountable, of that I’m sure.

Read 52 books.

  • I have finished 44 books so far in 2015. I think this intention will be met and surpassed by a wide margin. I’m so thankful for Goodreads and the way it rekindled my love of reading.

Stop procrastinating.

  • Check! This was directly related to doing banking for work and I have faithfully gone to the bank every week since January. It feels so good to just get it done on a Monday and not have it hanging over my head.

Get all gold medals in Mario Kart.

  • Partial check. This is a silly goal and I knew that when I stated it. I’ve had some fun playing, though, and that’s a good thing.

Waste less food.

  • Partial check. I’m not sure I’m much better at having less food around but I am better about giving it away when we don’t eat it all. That’s a step up from throwing stuff out and that’s good. I see room for improvement here, still, but I’m much more mindful of it than I was in the past and that’s good.

Spend less money.

  • Partial check. We go out to eat less than we did since we gave up our regular Wednesday nights out. And I try to use cash for things more frequently and that helps the money in the bank to add up. Like wasting food, I see room for improvement but that’s why this was on my list in the first place so I’m happy with the changes we’ve made.

Try new things. Make Mistakes. Be bold. Change. Grow.

  • Ummmm. Check? I have tried some new things this year. I have grown my photography business and I have some plans in the work for branding that I’m excited about. I have learned new things at work. I have tried new techniques with my camera. I have planted new flowers, tried new recipes, learned about cheese and made new friends. I have been bold and sometimes that has blown up in my face but I think that’s okay. I make mistakes, some of them big ones, but they ultimately help me to grow. Change is scary, letting go of stuff and relationships that don’t work is hard, but moving forward is good and that’s what I’m doing. As Margene would say, it’s the process.

So. Some enthusiastic progress reports. And some things I still need to work on and improve.

I’m human.

I’m flawed but I try and I’m okay with that.

Ten On Tuesday

It’s the height of blueberry season here in New England and the other morning Dale and I picked 8 pounds of them. Some went into the pie pictured below. Some went into a cake. Some are still in the fridge and some are in the freezer for future use. Here are my 10 Favorite Things To Do With Blueberries, this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic.

    blueberry pie for carole knits

  1. Pick ’em.
  2. Eat ’em straight out of the container.
  3. Bake a pie.
  4. Make my grandmother’s blueberry cake.
  5. Make blueberry muffins.
  6. Make blueberry pancakes.
  7. Mix them into Greek yogurt.
  8. Put them on top of cereal. Grape Nuts is my preference.
  9. Float them in blueberry beer.
  10. Make blueberry buckle. Or slump. Or whatever you want to call it.

What do you like to do with fresh blueberries? Share a link to your blog post below. Click here to sign up for the weekly Ten On Tuesday email.

A Day In Boston

Wow, what a weekend that was! Jam packed with friends and family and adventure, the first of which was the day we spent in Boston with Hillary’s family. Please to note: I said Hillary’s family, Hillary herself was not able to join us. Nevertheless we enjoyed the hell out of a day with Bruce and two of their daughters.
duck boat for carole knits

We started with a duck boat tour. It’s something Dale and I had never done but we thought it would be a great way for everyone to see the city without too much walking for little 4 year old legs.

trinity church and hancock tower for carole knits

That’s Trinity Church with the Hancock Tower behind it.

state house dome from charles river for carole knits

And that gold dome is the State House, as viewed from the Charles River on a duck boat.

back bay from charles river for carole knits

There’s the unmistakable Hancock Tower again. To the right you can see the Prudential Center as well as other landmarks of the Boston skyline.

yawkey way for carole knits

Our duck boat fun left us very thirsty so we headed for Yawkey Way and had beer and dinner at Boston Beerworks.

bruce flight beer for carole knits

Bruce enjoyed a flight of their local brews – his favorite was the watermelon.

citgo sign for carole knits

In case it wasn’t already obvious with our decision to have dinner on Yawkey Way, we had tickets to the Red Sox, courtesy of a most excellent connection Bruce has. What’s more iconic than that Citgo sign?

fenway park for carole knits

Well, perhaps this. The Green Monster. As viewed from our amazing seats at the State Street Pavilion directly above home plate.

fenway margarita for carole knits

Watching the game from the State Street Pavilion was pretty sweet. We had access to a full bar (which means I got to have a Margarita at Fenway – woo hoo!), wait service at our seats, and private bathrooms.

fenway franks for carole knits

I’m glad to say that even though I haven’t been to a ballgame since 1996 (and Dale hasn’t been since Jim Rice was a player) the hot dogs haven’t changed a bit. Well. Except for the price.

dale carole fenway for carole knits

The cherry on the sundae of this day was the Red Sox win in the 12th inning. Sweet Caroline and Dirty Water have never sounded so good. Thanks, Bruce, for a wonderful time at the game, it was a memorable day, that’s for sure.

P.S. Hannah’s home!

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