Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic comes from my friend Terry, over at Knitting the Blues. She told me the other day about being stressed because she couldn’t find something and then she realized that it was something that made her life better but really wasn’t necessary and she wondered why on earth she was stressing about it. This whole inner monologue she had while looking for this (I don’t want to give it away in case she’s using it for today’s blog post) made her think of a fun Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 Things You Stress About That You Didn’t Stress About 10 (or 15! or 20!) Years Ago.

apples for carole knits


  1. Backing up files and photos. My laptop has been having issues lately and I’m seriously stressed about losing photos that aren’t in Dropbox.
  2. Taking a picture every day. Okay, I don’t really stress about this, because it’s something I love, but it’s also something I have to remember to do. And things I have to remember to do can stress me out.
  3. Finding time to go to the gym. Why do I think this will be on lots of lists today?
  4. Hannah being out there in the world. Driving. Working. Going to school. Hanging out. Being a grown up. It was easier to keep track of her when she was 8.
  5. Health stuff. Mammograms, cholesterol, colonoscopies. Aging is not for sissies.
  6. Keeping up with social media. I enjoy Facebook very much but I don’t tweet and I don’t instagram. Forget about Google +. And now there’s Ello? There’s only so much time in the day and I just don’t need something else to follow
  7. Forgetting my cell phone. I guess I had a cell phone 10 years ago. I’m sure I did. But it wasn’t an iPhone so I didn’t really care if I left the house with out it. Now? It’s a national emergency if that happens.
  8. Answering the phone at work. We have a new phone system. It was expensive. It’s supposed to be better. It’s not. Dropped call central over here because we can’t seem to consistently put people on hold, transfer calls, etc.
  9. Insomnia. Hullo perimenopause.
  10. Thinking up interesting Ten on Tuesday topics. So there.

Talking about stress is supposed to help alleviate it, right? Here’s to no more stress! If you wrote a post for today please click the button below to share it. And if you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email just click here to subscribe.


The weather here couldn’t have been more perfect this week – it was a true taste of Indian Summer and I loved every minute of it.

It was perfect for sitting on our deck Friday evening, listening to music, talking & laughing, and eating brats and late summer corn on the cob.

krf selfie

It was perfect for going to our local Renaissance Faire on Saturday and enjoying lots of beer, entertainment and laughs. [I did not carry my camera. I should have.]

It was perfect for a Sunday to myself. I didn’t actually go outside but I had all the windows open as I cut fabric for a new quilted table runner, got completely (!!!) caught up on my One Little Word prompts, and knit knit knit on my Cactus Flower Shawl.

It was perfect for a cold beer on the deck with Dale on Sunday evening when he got home from his band job. Well, until the mosquitoes came out.

The only thing not perfect about this weekend? Monday morning came way too fast.

Eye Candy Friday

backyard bouquet for carole knits

Here’s a pretty bouquet of flowers that have graced my dining room table for the last week or so. I shot it from above and aimed straight down to give us all a different angle because, you know, sometimes looking at something from a different perspective can really change how you think about it.

That’s a metaphor for life, in case you missed it. Mmmmkay?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Throwback Thursday: My First Car

I’m guessing that many of you are on Facebook. I am basing this on the fact that I am friends with a lot of you on Facebook. And also, isn’t everyone on Facebook? This post actually has nothing to do with Facebook other than stealing the title from a Facebook thing called Throwback Thursday.

In truth, I sometimes find Throwback Thursday annoying. I mean, really, a photo from 2 years ago? Not a throwback.

Today, though, I have photos from 27 years ago and I think that definitely puts them in the throwback category. I found them last night when we were reminiscing about cars we have had, a conversation that was inspired by this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic.

As I said on Tuesday, my first car was a 1987 Mazda 323. I bought it brand new with the $10,000 my (real) father gave me when I graduated from college. Originally that money was going to be used to pay for grad school but I quickly realized that I had no way to actually get to grad school unless I got a car. And my license, of course.

Yes, indeed, I managed to graduate from high school and college without getting my driver’s license. I had a mom who didn’t work and a boyfriend with a car and I just had very little need (or interest) in driving myself anywhere. But then I graduated from college and I got my first job in a library (part time because I thought I was heading right for grad school which I didn’t end up doing but that’s a story for another day) and my mom had to drive me to work.

Ummmm. So not cool. Not that I was anywhere near cool to begin with, working in a library and all. But still. It was time to get my license.

I practiced driving in my mom’s big yellow Dodge Diplomat and I signed up for the road test and I went and looked at cars that were in my price range. This little blue Mazda caught my eye and I fell in love with it. I had to borrow $300 from my mom to pay the sales tax and it was mine. Except, of course, that I still had to get my license.

The car salesman couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to pick up the car until Friday when it would be ready for pick up on Wednesday. I didn’t want to tell him it was because I couldn’t drive it off the lot myself until Friday when I actually, you know, got a driver’s license. Heh. In any case, I passed my road test and my mom took me to pick up the car. It was July 17, 1987.

mazda 323

My first car. And me.

mazda 323 with salesman

My first car. And me. And the salesman.

mazda 323 elbow on trunk

My first car. And me. Man, I was young. And I looooooved that skirt. Loved it.

mazda 323 going out

My first car. And me. Heading out that first night to go see my boyfriend play in his band. (Even back then I had a thing for musicians.) I remember backing out of the driveway to go pick up my friend Lynn and thinking – wait! how do I get to her house? It was a whole new concept for me.

So there you have it. The story and pictures behind my first car.

Throwback Thursday indeed.


Right Now

Want to know what’s going on with me right now? Read on . . .

morning sun down back for carole knits

Savoring . . . The warmth of the sun.

Watching . . . Outlander. Last week was the wedding. It was very well done and Claire’s dress was amazing.

Also Watching . . . The return of my favorite shows. The Good Wife was great this week and I can’t wait for Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night.

Reading . . . A Winter’s Tale. I’m halfway through and finally enjoying it. Greatly.

Knitting . . . Flower Cactus. And Hannah’s socks. And Len’s scarf. Nothing new here, move along.

Sewing . . . Something to wear to King Richard’s Faire this weekend. This may or may not have involved a quick and dirty re-do of one of my Civil War reenacting dresses.

Wearing . . . Wool socks. It’s the first day of fall and I’m glad I held out until then.

Choosing . . . Carpet. And paint. And lighting fixtures.

Enjoying . . . The patio heater Dale got me for my birthday. It’s awesome for these chilly nights.

Processing . . . Senior photos of my friend Doreen’s son. I love this kind of work.

What’s going on with you right now?

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