Eye Candy Friday

kyms lake for carole knits

A lake in Michigan. Not one of the big lakes but the one that I affectionately call Kym’s Lake. It’s pretty perfect.

And I hope you all have a pretty perfect weekend! We’ll be celebrating America’s Birthday all weekend long over here! See you on Tuesday!

Michigan Vacation, Part the First

I’ve been blogging for a long time now and I’m not about to tell you anything new when I say that the one thing that I never expected to happen – but also the thing I love most about my blogging – is that I made real life friends. I guess it’s what happens when you basically read someone’s diary 5 days a week for 10 years or more – you get to know them and, if you’re really really fortunate – you get to meet them in real life and tell stories in person with laughs instead on computer screens with words. All of this is just a prelude to say that Dale and I went to hang out with Kym and Tom and it was wonderful.

They opened their home to us and welcomed us like family. And we had such a great time! We did so many things, way too many to cover in this one blog post, so I’m just going to do a quick and dirty list of all it, and then I’ll cover the specifics in the days to come.

  • We toured Kalamazoo
  • We played with Jenny and Jo-Jo
  • We drank beer. Lots and lots of beer
  • We ate delicious food prepared by Kym and also Tom
  • We had a fabulous meal at Food Dance to celebrate Dale’s 65th birthday
  • We heard awesome live music
  • We traveled to The Ford Museum and saw amazing historical stuff, including a special tour of Beatle’s memorabilia
  • We visited their cabin Up North
  • We fished
  • We visited Lake Michigan
  • We ate ice cream
  • We got to see Kym’s beautiful gardens
  • We ate really great donuts at Sweetwaters
  • We played Pass the Pigs (which I had never heard of) and told lots and lots of jokes
  • We had a campfire and ate s’mores
  • We toured around on their pontoon boat – we call those party boats here
  • We had, and this is the underest understatement ever – a blast.

I’ve got lots more to tell you, including about our days in Chicago, but for now this will have to suffice. Other than this – I have to go on just a little more here – and say that having imaginary friends turn into real life friends is an incredible thing. Being able to travel to new places and see new things because of those friends makes me feel unbelievably fortunate. I guess what I’m trying to say is that these are the connections that make a big cold world a cozy corner full of friends instead.


Dale and I are back from a wonderful trip to Michigan and Chicago and, as usual, I am playing catch up with work, emails, photographs and more. I promise to fill you in on all the fabulous details but for now I will just share this photo with you:

He’s wicked glad we are home.

Ten On Tuesday

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished listening to LaRose over the weekend. Generally, when I listen to an audiobook, I do so strictly in the car. So, going back and forth to work, running errands around time, that’s about it. It’s maybe an hour or so of listening time each day. Not a lot but it works for me as I don’t mind if it takes a while to finish a book. Now and again, though, I listen to a book that I love and I want to listen all.the.time until it’s finished. That’s howw it was with LaRose and I found myself wanting to listen when I wasn’t driving. And that leads me right into this week’s Ten On Tuesday topic: 10 Things to Do While Listening to an Audiobook.


  1. Knit.
  2. Drive.
  3. Empty the dishwasher.
  4. Clean the house.
  5. Garden.
  6. Walk.
  7. Do your “getting ready” thing. Makeup, hair stuff, you know.
  8. Fold laundry.
  9. Get a pedicure.
  10. Fly on a plane.

That last one? The one about flying on a plane? That’s what I’m doing today because Dale and I are going to visit Kym and Tom! It’s not exactly a state secret; I’ve alluded to it here on the blog and also in some comments I’ve left over at Kym’s blog. But now it’s officially here and I’m officially telling you that the four of us are about to embark on a week of sightseeing, hanging out, fishing, beer drinking, reading, knitting (those last two might be mostly done by Kym and I) and whatever else comes our way. Woo hoo!

There may or may not be blogging on my part. And/or Kym’s part. There will, I’m sure, be plenty to follow on instagram. You can find me here and Kym here if you want to check out our adventures.

In the meantime, Happy Tuesday! If you wrote a post for today please include a link to it below. There won’t be a Ten On Tuesday post next week but I’ll catch you back here for sure on the 29th.


It was a weekend of a different sorts around here because Dale was off at a Civil War reenactment. Never fear, though, I managed to have some fun without him.

Now. I love my alone time. I putter around the house. I read. (a lot). I work on projects and watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns and knit. It’s good. At night, though, it can get a little lonely. Knowing this about myself, I made plans for both Friday night and Saturday night and the weekend ended up being an absolutely perfect mix of alone time and friend time.

friday nights snacks for girls for carole knits

On Friday night, Jo-Ann came over and we hung out on my deck. We had snacks and martinis and laughed and caught up – just the two of us. It was pretty great.

sparkle run for carole knits

On Saturday morning Jo-Ann and I volunteered to sit at the Kiwanis table at the Sydney Craven 1st Annual 5K Tutu Run. I won’t go into the heartbreaking details about the death of this sweet little girl in my community (you can read more here, though) but I will say that her mama is an incredibly strong woman who is doing her level best to make sure Sydney is never forgotten and this fundraiser was a major undertaking and part of that process. I’ve never seen so much pink on our town common and it was pretty inspiring.

I spent Saturday afternoon on my own, hanging around the house. I read. I knit. I napped. It was awesome.

Saturday evening J0-Ann and I met up with Sean and Michael at a new-ish wine bar in the next town over. It was very small and also very good. We shared a charcuterie and cheese platter, a hummus platter (which included an amazeballs feta garlic dip type thing) and some turkey meatballs. Oh and also some wine. And prosecco. The music was good and the company even better.

hollyhocks watercolor for carole knits

Sunday I had the entire day to myself. It was fabulous. I had coffee on the deck and finished listening to LaRose. (totally fantastic book and you should go read it right now.) I went to the craft store and treated myself to some better paint brushes. I read some more. I did a little watercolor painting.

fathers day snacks for carole knits

And I picked up Jessica so that she’d be here when Dale got home from, as we love to call it, storming the castle. We had Sunday Night Snacks, which, now that Dale is off for the summer, are almost as relaxing as Friday Night Snacks. And we celebrated Father’s Day.

It was a great weekend and I hope yours was, too!

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