Eye Candy Friday

peggys blueberry pie for carole knits

Or should I say Pie Candy Friday? That there is a blueberry pie that I made last weekend for my cousin Peggy on her birthday. It takes a little extra time to make a lattice crust like that and the addition of the hearts maybe just a leetle bit longer but Peggy is a sweetheart and she’s worth it a million times over.

So. This is where I say hasta luego as I prepare for our annual Cape Cod vacation – that summer wind is calling my name. First up, though, is the Jimmy Buffett concert on Saturday and you all know how I love that day. When I come back I will have adventures from that to share along with our family vacation stories, too.

Try and get along without me, won’t ya? Mwah!



Can I get a hoo? And also a ray? Because, after 13 finished books, I finally got Bingo! And then I quickly got Bingo number 2 after I finished book number 14.  Hallefreakinlujah!

With the stuff I have planned to read over vacation I should easily get Bingo 3 more times but then I think I’ll be at a standstill. Mostly because of that presidential-biography square. And perhaps also because of the set-in-South-America square. And maybe also because of the religion-with-which-I-am-unfamiliar square. I’m open to suggestions, though, so if you’ve read something fabulous that you think would cover one of those squares please sing out in the comments.

In the meantime, I’ve be reading A Tale of Two Cities. I’ll let you try and figure out which square that’s going to cover.

It’s All In The Spin

vacation prep desktop for carole knits

Yesterday, when I shared this photo on Instagram (follow me here, if you’d like) I captioned it by saying that this week is all about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. And that’s very true. I’m getting ready for two weeks of vacation and there are reports to be filed, grant applications to be completed, payrolls to process and bills to pay.

In other words, I’m busy.

I’m also grateful. Grateful for a job that I enjoy, grateful for work that keeps me focused on productivity and not negativity, grateful for a paycheck that means we can afford to rent a house on Cape Cod every summer, grateful that having so.much.to.do means that the days go by quickly, and grateful for an excellent staff who will do everything they can in my absence to make sure I can relax and enjoy my time away.

What’s keeping you busy today? And how can you put a spin of gratitude on it?

Ten On Tuesday

When last we posted for Ten On Tuesday, the topic was 10 Things I Love About Visiting the City. This week, as a yang to the yin, our topic is 10 Things I Love About Visiting the Country. As a caveat, I think it’s worth noting that “the country” may mean different things to different people.

morning sun down back for carole knits

  1. A sky full of stars. There’s nothing like looking up and seeing them all to make you feel small but in a really good way.
  2. Gardens. I love an old fashioned country garden with big blooms and roses and everything being just a little bit wild and overgrown.
  3. Water. I probably associate ponds and lakes more with the countryside but I do love the ocean best of all.
  4. Birds. Songbirds and big birds like hawks and eagles – the abound and they make me happy. Rare ones get checked off on my life list. Yes, I am that dork.
  5. Sounds. Cicadas and peepers, the hush of falling snow, the snap and pop of a campfire.
  6. Smells. Fresh mowed grass, wildflowers, and a pie cooling on the windowsill all come to my mind.
  7. Critters. Deer and elk, bunnies and little furry things. No snakes, please.
  8. Clothing. Blue jeans and cowboy boots, flannel shirts – I love that laid back style.
  9. Wide open spaces. Apologies to the Dixie Chicks.
  10. Cooking. Cast iron fry pans loaded with fried chicken and cornbread, stews and chili, mason jars full of lemonade.

I have to admit, this list was easier to compile than the one about the city. I guess I’m a country girl at heart and that’s okay with me so long as the city is still a quick trip. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below so we can all read it. If you want to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday mailing list please click here.

***Please note, there will be no Ten On Tuesday on 8/18 and 8/25. This blogger will be on vay-cay-tion.***

Fiber Revival 2015

I believe, and I’m not being corny, that every day is a gift. Every morning we get a chance to do the things we love, to spend time with family and friends, to work hard and play hard and to live. Some days, though, the things we get to do are a bit more fun. Vacation days, Jimmy Buffett concert days (this coming Saturday – eeeek!), SPA, beach days, and – of course – Fiber Revival. It was this past Saturday and it was just as good as ever.

The weather? Perfect. No humidity, blue skies and slight breezes and comfortable temperatures.

The food? Delicious. Sandwiches and cookies (even the ones Sharon brought that had kale in them) and snacks galore.

beer truck for carole knits

The beer? The Ipswich Beer Truck was there. Need I say more?

The shopping? All of my favorite vendors. Hand’s down.

enchanted knoll batt for carole knits

The fiber? There’s nothing like one of Josette’s batts on my wheel to make me fall in love with spinning all over again.

spencer peirce farm for carole knits

The scenery? The Spencer Peirce Little Farm is a hidden gem, my friends.

3 beers for carole knits

And speaking of friends? Absolutely perfect. Having the chance to spin and knit and catch up with these friends of mine is my favorite thing about Fiber Revival. There is nothing, and I truly mean this, but nothing like sharing stories while spinning. Truths are told, hearts are revealed, laughs are shared and tears are shed, it’s a tremendous time of bonding and I’m so blessed to be a part of this circle of women and so lucky to call them my friends.

So, yes, every day on this side of the grass is a good one. But some days? Days like Fiber Revival? They might just be better than the others.

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