Eye Candy Friday

lone tulip for carole knits

It’s (mostly) feeling like spring (although we did have a fire in the wood stove on Tuesday) and I’ve got spring flowers to prove it. The daffodils are pretty much done but the tulips are blooming now and I love seeing them standing straight and tall in the garden. I hope you’re enjoying beautiful flowers wherever you are!

It’s the weekend! I’m ready for some fun and I bet you are, too! Make it a good one!


Here’s some stuff that is running through my head right now . . .

homemade ricotta for carole knits

Making: Lots of meals in the Instant Pot as well as yogurt on a regular basis. Sunday I made homemade ricotta with the whey from the yogurt and it was fantastic. I roasted some tomatoes and served them alongside the ricotta with toasted baguette slices. So good! (And pictured above, in case you hadn’t figured that out.)

Planning: Raised beds for outside the kitchen door. The CSA we have belonged to for several years isn’t happening this year and I (can’t believe I’m saying this) want to grow tomatoes. And basil. That may be it but it’s a start.

Mourning: A long time board member died unexpectedly last week. I had just seen him the day before and it’s just hard to comprehend that life can end so quickly.

Anticipating: A fun weekend ahead with friends. There will be eating and drinking and good music!

Choosing: Paint color for the new guest room. I’m thinking Valspar Winter In Paris.

Reading: Ruby by Cynthia Bond. Heavy. But good. I’ve been reading (a lot!) and I’ll do an update on the books I’ve finished soon.

Watching: Game of Thrones. Isn’t everyone? And Outlander. If everyone isn’t then they should be.

Hoping: That the plantar fasciitis that has plagued me since last October is gone. It’s improved incredibly in the past few weeks. Do I dare start walking outside again?

Taking: Newborn photos. So much fun and my favorite type of photo shoot.

That’s all I’ve got for today!




Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Patriots Scoreboard Cowl

Waaaaay back in September of last year I cast on for this Patriots Scoreboard Cowl. I chose red for the Pats points and blue for the opposing team points and I knit diligently during most of the games. When I couldn’t knit I spent (a lot!) of time catching up. Let me tell you, there were some high scoring games and that added up to a LOT of rows.

pats scoreboard cowl 1 for carole knits

I finally finished it back in February, choosing to end it with the regular season and not continue it on to the post season games. So it’s been done for weeks. And weeks.

pats scoreboard cowl 2 for carole knits

I’m finally showing it to you today because 1) I actually took photos of it and 2) I’m pissed off about the latest decision of the courts to uphold Tom Brady’s suspension for 4 games. I know, I know, people think the Pats cheat. Whateverrrr. What I’m pissed about is the unilateral control and power this gives to the NFL and, more specifically, Roger Goodell. I’m not the only one who thinks so and if you’re inclined to read more I’ll direct you to this. And also this.

patst scoreboard cowl 3 for carole knits

Anyway. Come this fall and winter I’ll be wearing this proudly and in support of my team. It’s super long and very soft and pretty cool looking with all of those random stripes.

pats scoreboard cowl 4 for carole knits

As we say here in New England, Go Pats!

Oh yeah. Project details here.

Ten On Tuesday

A week or so ago my friend Anne and I were discussing movies that we can’t help but watch if we’re channel surfing. And then last weekend Dale and I were talking about it, too. (For him it’s Grease, in case you wondered.) During that conversation with Dale I realized that this would make a great Ten On Tuesday topic. And so, I present, the 10 Movies I Have to Stop & Watch While I’m Channel Surfing.

popcorn blog size

  1. Steel Magnolias. One of the best ensemble casts ever.
  2. The Godfather. All that drama, it gets me every time.
  3. When Harry Met Sally. My most favorite romantic comedy ever.
  4. Dirty Dancing. Nobody flips past baby.
  5. Casablanca. It’s a classic for a reason.
  6. Gone With the Wind. I definitely prefer the first half over the second half and I prefer to shut it off before Rhett leaves Scarlett even though I know she’ll get him back.
  7. Love Actually. It’s not just for Christmas.
  8. The Sound of Music. And I sing along, too.
  9. Pretty Woman. Another Julia Roberts movie with the best ending ever.
  10. The Blindside. Because Sandra Bullock.

Ones that didn’t make the cut but I really wanted to include? Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, The Shining, Hope Floats, A League of Their Own and The Green Mile.

If you wrote a list for today please share your link below. And, in case you didn’t realize it, you have until Friday of every week to add your link – for those of you who may not get to Ten On Tuesday on, you know, Tuesday.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday email list please click here.


Hello, hello! How was your weekend? Mine was spent mostly with Dale and was entirely fun.

mad for plaid for carole knits

There was shopping. Yes, we bought all the shirts and the shorts, too. Plaid is his favorite color, after all.

littlenecks and beer for carole knits

And there was eating and drinking. Littlenecks and beer.

friday night snacks for carole knits

Friday night snacks, of course.

mcguiggans pint for carole knits

And some lunch and a pint.

decisions decisions for carole knits

There was home improvementing. (I’ve decided that’s a verb.) Including finishing the paint in the bathroom, making a decision on a new floor, and purchasing fun stuff like new towels.

And there was plenty of relaxing including knitting (socks and that interminable scarf), tv watching (Outlander and Call the Midwife) and reading (Brooklyn and The Children Act.)

It all came together to be a most excellent weekend at home. How about you? How was your weekend and what did you do?

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