Watercolor Wednesday

Allow me to present my first photo from the Waterlogue app. Of course it’s tulips.

watercolor tulips for carole knits

What else could it be the day after the epic Blizzard of 2015?

So . . . about that blizzard . . . it started snowing Monday afternoon and when I went to bed last night it was still snowing. The totals are hard to measure since there was so much blowing and drifting but I think it’s safe to say we got over 2 feet. We never lost power, for which I am extremely grateful. Dale and I both had a snow day yesterday and another one today, for which I am also extremely grateful. I spent the day reading, knitting, playing Blizzard TV Bingo during the all-day-long newscast, listening to music, watching Dale shovel, watching Dale paint shelves, baking homemade bread and rolls, making chicken and rice soup, and binge watching episodes of Orange is the New Black.

Today shall be more of the same but I have a sinking feeling it will also include actual shoveling, not just watching Dale shovel. Damn.

Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten On Tuesday topic comes from Kym and it’s a fun one: 10 Types of Footwear You Own. I don’t know about you but I have a lot of shoes. Here’s my list of the ones I use the most:

shoe mosaic

  1. Running shoes. I’m on my second pair of Brooks and I love them. Highly cushioned and brightly colored, they are perfect for me.
  2. Spin shoes. Truth be told, I haven’t worn my spin shoes in months. But the Spinathon is right around the corner (you can sponsor me if you’d like!) so I’ll be using this again soon.
  3. High boots. I have black ones and I love them with leggings, particularly since I couldn’t wear them a few  years back when I was so much heavier.
  4. Low boots. I have 3 pairs of low heeled boots – black ones that are lined in a very soft flannel, brown Ariats, and beige cowboy booties. They are my favorite boots to wear with jeans.
  5. L L Bean Boots. The original ones that actually say L.L. Bean Hunting Shoe on them. I’ve had them since my early twenties and there is nothing better to wear in the winter.
  6. Heels. I have pumps and glittery slingbacks and patent leather peep toe shoes and more! I love heels for the way they look but I’m not crazy about the way they feel.
  7. Cowboy Boots. I have exactly 1 pair of cowboy boots and Dale bought them for me before we were married. They are so comfortable and absolutely perfect for dancing.
  8. Danskos. I have several pairs of Danksos. I’d have more if they weren’t so damn expensive.
  9. Flip flops. My favorites are a pair of Crocs that have a tiny strip of velvet and patent leather along the edge of the strap. The sole is molded and they feel great even for hours at a time.
  10. Converse sneakers. Red ones and pink ones with sheep. Plus all of Hannah’s since we wear the same size!

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P.S. If you’re still seeing this post on Wednesday that means we’re without power. I’ll be back as soon as I can!


It was another stellar weekend here, dear readers. Ready for a recap?

On Friday I did the usual

  • gym (which was so full of the dreaded January people that I couldn’t get a treadmill. Seriously? I mean, yay for you guys for starting this but, as Kym said – stay out of my way)
  • grocery shop
  • errands (including a trip to Best Buy – more about that later)

I also did the unusual and that included

  • lunch with the Knitigator. It was so awesome to catch up and yes, I gave here a mini lecture on blogging more
  • dinner with our awesome friends Ken and Leslie. (we generally stay home on Friday nights but these friends live so close to us that it’s almost like staying home – and, speaking of home, theirs is lovely and cozy and we had a delightful evening that included a fabulous dinner and lots of laughs playing Cards Against Humanity)

On Saturday, because I had planned so well on Friday

  • it was a pajama day
  • I read an entire book (Still Alice, which was awesome and also heartbreaking)
  • I enjoyed the hell out of my purchase from that trip to Best Buy. (yes, we took the plunge and bought Sonos wireless speakers for our house. 4 Play1s and a Play3. They are a-maze-ing. We have listened to music more this weekend than we have in ages because it’s just so easy to turn it on and enjoy it in every room as we wander through the house. Worth every [and there were many] penny. It’s like the old days when we had a big stereo system and receiver with speakers everywhere. Only so much better.)
  • cooked a delicious pot roast
  • watched the snow fall

On Sunday

  • woke up to a mini winter wonderland
  • listened to music all morning (Carole King radio on Pandora, if you want to know.)
  • went to see The Imitation Game. (this may be my new favorite of the best picture nominees – it’s truly fantastic.)
  • played way too many game of 3s and Mario Kart
  • made a delicious dinner of roasted salmon
  • watched Downton Abbey (buh bye Lord Gillingham. And also, Sara Bunting annoys the crap out of me.)

And here we are on Monday already. Sounds like we’re getting snowmageddon here. It’s okay, though.

fridge for carole kntis

We are ready.


Eye Candy Friday

tulips in the snow for carole kntis

We had a teeny dusting of snow the other day so I stepped out onto the deck with my little bouquet of tulips and snapped this photo. I love the way the white background really makes the pink of the tulips pop.  The contrast of winter and spring is not lost on me, either.

Find something beautiful this weekend and enjoy!

Right Now

living room for carole knits

As I looked at this photo of my living room I couldn’t help but think about how much I love the way it looks right now. It’s cozy and there’s a fire in the woodstove. There are plump pillows and a cat and twinkle lights. It’s my favorite place to spend my time and here’s what I’m doing with my time right now.

Reading . . . Still Alice. I just finished The Good Girl and if you like suspense and you’re looking for a quick read then I’d recommend it. Before that I read Station Eleven and while post apocalyptic fiction is not my think it was very very good.

Watching . . . Movies! In the past few weeks I have watched Grand Budapest Hotel (my favorite so far), American Sniper, Wild, Gone Girl and Selma. We have plans to see The Imitation Game this weekend.

Cooking . . . Mostly comfort food. It’s the time of year for casseroles and soups and comfort food. I have plans to make a banana cream pie tomorrow to bring to a friend’s house when we go for dinner.

Learning . . . Evernote. I’ve always been happy with the notes app that comes with the iPhone but lately it seems that everyone is using Evernote but me. I have taken the plunge and I’m finding that there is a good reason why everyone loves this app.

Listening . . . To podcasts. I love Books on the Nightstand and I’m enjoying Two Knit Lit Chicks. I miss Serial, though.

Drinking . . . Coffee in the morning and wine at night.

Writing . . . Blog posts and One Little Word journal entries. And the Annual Reports for the Library and the Council on Aging.

Playing . . . Threes. It’s very fun but also very very addicting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Loving . . . Winter nesting.

Bragging . . . Hannah started her student teaching yesterday. She’ll be doing half at the school where she works and half at a local middle school. It’s the final piece of the puzzle for graduation in May. Hooray!

Laughing . . . At this post questioning the things in the bedroom of Good Night, Moon.

Knitting . . . Socks for Dale. It’s a slog but he needs them. I’m hoping to get back to my Market Jacket this weekend.

Planning . . . Valentine’s gifts and crafts.

Anticipating . . . Snow on Saturday?! Sounds like a great opportunity to hunker down with some good wine, delicious food and games with Dale.

What’s current in your world right now?

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