Eye Candy Friday

old graveyard for carole knits

I took this photo for Dale. He told me the tree in the old part of our town cemetery was stunning a couple of weeks ago. Plus, as Chair of the Historical Commission he had just had that new sign installed and he wanted a picture of the scene. I missed the tree’s peak by a few days but it was still pretty amazing when I got this photo one morning before work.

No work today, though, except for the fun work of prepping for our Halloween party. Have a great weekend!

Three Things On Thursday

tray table for carole knits

Work is busy, stuff at home is busy, life is busy busy busy. Something has to go and, unfortunately, it’s today’s blog post that is being neglected. Or, phoned in, if you will. Just to keep you from being completely disappointed, since you showed up and all, here are three things on my mind right now.

  1. I have a new laptop. This is an exciting thing. But also a royal pain-in-the-ass thing. The iTunes set up, the software installations, the Dropbox downloads, and on and on it goes. I know you all understand. I do think, though, that once I’m completely moved in to this new baby that I’m going to be very happy with it. It’s a speedy one, that’s for sure.
  2. We are very close to being done with all of the home improvement-y stuff. In fact, Dale just texted me a picture of the grids he installed today on the upstairs windows. I think – but I will need to double check myself – that those grids are the last of this project. To recap we have had new siding put on, new windows installed, 3 new storm doors installed, a new front door (it’s gorgeous), new front steps, a new ceiling in the room we are now calling the den, a custom ordered window in that same room installed, new carpet in 3 rooms, and new paint on the bookshelves and walls of that new den. We have also bought new furniture for that room. This has been going on since July and I think it might finally be safe to pull that building permit out of the kitchen window.
  3. I have been very lazy about going to the gym lately. Truthfully, I’ve been lazy about this since we got back from vacation in September. This laziness has led to a bit of snugness in the waist of my favorite jeans. And some puffiness in my face that I am definitely not happy about. And so, this week, I have recommitted myself to the Y. I went after work one day, something I haven’t done in ages. And I’m going after work today and I will go again tomorrow. I feel so much better about myself, not just physically but mentally when I go and the holidays are coming and there’s stress at work and exercising is the best way I know to relieve stress. Well, drinking is too, but that can get me in trouble and it doesn’t do anything for the snugness of my pants so off to the gym I go. Encouragement is encouraged, my friends.

And I am signing off. Forgive the brevity of my posts this week, won’t ya?


Words In The Wild

There I was yesterday, chin in hand, contemplating what I was going to blog about today.

I have no new knitting to show you.

And wordless Wednesday posts always feel like cheating to me.

Then I thought – Words In The Wild for Wednesday! That’s always good.

But, what words?


While contemplating my dilemma I read my email and Patty said:

I would love to see a picture of the cross stitched 10 Commandments. So. Special.

Well, I’m nothing if not accommodating. Here it is.

ten commandments for carole knits

It was stitched on paper by my great-great-grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Smith Jones. Her claim to fame, other than creating this amazing family heirloom, is that she saw Abraham Lincoln.

So, there you have it. Words in the Wild. If you can call The Ten Commandments wild, that is.

Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic was inspired by something I heard in a podcast. The hosts were discussing what books they would save if their house caught on fire and I thought – hmmmm – that could be tweaked to 10 Things You Would Save If Your House Was On Fire. For the sake of this exercise we are assuming that all family, people & pets are safe.

dining room chair for carole knits

  1. The Ten Commandments that my great-great-grandmother cross stitched. On paper. That would be the first thing I would grab.
  2. My laptop and external hard drive. Sure, most of my stuff is on the cloud but it would be a lot easier to have the actual computer.
  3. My Reeves spinning wheel. Irreplaceable, in my opinion.
  4. Photo albums. All of them – which actually isn’t that many.
  5. All of my quilts. They are family heirlooms in the making and I’d hate to lose them.
  6. As much yarn as I could carry but I would pay particular attention to my stash of Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn.
  7. Scrapbooks. I have 3 that I did years ago when Creative Memories was a big thing. I would definitely want to save them from a fire.
  8. My cameras and lenses. I know insurance would cover this but still – I love my cameras.
  9. My mother’s silver. Sure, it’s replaceable but it wouldn’t be the silver that she used for every holiday and special occasion. Sentimental value is huge around here.
  10. My copy of The Mill on the Floss. It was a college graduation present from my dear friend, Chrissie, and the inscription is something I treasure. I’d definitely grab this.

We all have so much stuff. It’s been interesting to think about how much of that stuff truly matters. I hope you wrote a post for today and I hope you will include your link by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email by clicking here.


apple cider waffle for carole knits

I had a very nice weekend. Want to know what I did?

  • Ran the usual errands. Costco, grocery shopping, bank.
  • Enjoyed a fabulous Friday afternoon on the deck. It was warm and friends unexpectedly dropped by. We drank some wine and solved the problems of the world.
  • Spent a relaxing Friday evening with Dale. Sauteed shrimp and pasta for dinner, a little more wine, some music and lots of catching up.
  • Saturday I went to the Y. I know, right? A minor miracle right there.
  • I also made deviled eggs. And baked an apple pie. The pie was a raffle prize for our Kiwanis fundraiser dance that evening. It was a hit and my friend Tom won it and he was very very pleased.
  • Saturday evening was the above mentioned dance featuring Dale and the Duds. It was a wonderful evening! Bob was there to sing with the band, lots of their fans turned out and we had a really fantastic time. As I told Dale, it was old school Dale and the Duds and I’m so glad we got to do it. We also made $1100 for my Kiwanis club!
  • I got to chat with my former piano teacher. She was at the dance to see Bob since they are in the Brockton Symphony together. It was so awesome to see her – I took lessons from her all through junior high and high school and I babysat for her as well. I was so happy to get to introduce her to Hannah. Talk about a full circle moment.
  • Sunday was a recovery day. We slept late (well, 8am is late for me) and I made the apple cider waffles that are in that picture up there. They were so delicious – like an apple cider donut only better because they were topped with butter and warm maple syrup.
  • There was also some knitting, some scary movie watching.
  • And a turkey dinner with Jess & Patrick.
  • Speaking of Patrick – today is his 16th birthday! Happy Birthday, buddy, we love you lots!

It was a very good weekend.

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