Ten On Tuesday

Summer is almost officially here – going by the calendar – and summer is officially here if you’re going by the weather. It’s my favorite season and I love to savor it. One way to do that is to make a list of things to do and so, today’s Ten On Tuesday topic is 10 Things on This Summer’s Bucket List.

carole beach for carole knits

  1. Make ice cream. I actually already did this last weekend. I bought, on Bev’s recommendation, the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker and it’s fantastic. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for strawberry ice cream and it was fantastic.
  2. Spend as much time on the deck aka our summer living room as possible. It’s like having a whole ‘nother room and I love it so much.
  3. Travel somewhere new. Happening soon!
  4. Swim. I’m a big fan of the beach but I don’t often go in the water. This year, though, I want to make sure I do.
  5. Harvest my own vegetables. Our raised bed is off to a great start!
  6. Read. Lots. Get a cover all for summer book bingo as a result.
  7. Visit Heritage Museum and Gardens. We went last year and had a wonderful time and this year they have an exhibit of costumes from movies that sounds fantastic.
  8. Go camping. Or, even better, glamping.
  9. Go to Lake Winnipesaukee to visit Jo-Ann and Shawn. Ride in the boat as much as possible.
  10. Dine al fresco. I love a restaurant with outdoor dining, whether it’s with a beautiful water view or even just a few of the parking lot. Everything is better outside.

How about you? What’s on your summer bucket list? Please add a link to your post so we can all read it. Go here to subscribe to the weekly Ten On Tuesday email.


You know the only problem with weekending posts? Getting them written before the weekend is over. It just doesn’t work for me because often the best part of my weekend is Sunday. So, weekending stories, going forward, will post a bit later than my usual 6am post time.


I had a very excellent weekend.

sliders and cocktails for carole knits

Friday involved the usual, errands and grocery shopping. I was able to get some quality time knitting and reading on the deck. And the evening was spent out there as well. We had sliders and listened to music and played games. It’s my favorite way to end the work week.

saturday morning coffee for carole knits

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and I had coffee on the deck and caught up on my magazine reading. It clouded up by noon time, though, so a forced retreat inside was inevitable. It’s okay, though, because there was a big job we had to do: clean out the fridge to prepare for delivery of our new fridge.

new fridge for carole knits

That’s right! The long saga of our crappy fridge has finally come to an end with this new beauty. I love the bottom freezer and how bright the inside of this one is. You wouldn’t think a major appliance would make me this happy. And yet it does.

Dale had to work with the band Saturday evening so I headed over to Sean and Michael’s for cocktails, conversation, and sushi. I love that I can get from my house to their house in about 3 minutes! And I had a wonderful time even if there isn’t any photographic evidence.

island creek oysters for carole knits

anniversary lobsters for carole knits

On Sunday we spent the day together to celebrate (2 days early) our 19th wedding anniversary. We took a ride in the Mustang and picked up some oysters and lobsters and spent the better part of the afternoon enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing. There was dancing in the kitchen and it was just a lovely way to end the weekend.

And now it’s Monday morning and the news is on and the stories about the Orlando night club shooting are horrifying and tragic. The irony of celebrating our love and time together in the midst of this heartache and tragedy is not lost on me. How many people have to die before our country does something to fix our gun problem? It’s a rhetorical question, I know, but I sure wish our elected officials would stand up to the NRA and do something.

Okay. Off my soapbox. Go forward and have a beautiful day. Be kind and love each other.

Eye Candy Friday

heirloom daylilies for carole knits

Beautiful blooming daylilies from my garden. Lemon yellow and perfectly lovely and very very old. They make me smile.

Hope you find lots to smile about this weekend!


Here’s what’s happening in my world. Right now.

Making: More watercolors with the waterlogue app. The one above was suggested by Bonny.

Wondering: How I’m going to get good book recommendations now that the Books on the Nightstand podcast is ending. I’ll certainly be relying on you all to keep me informed.

Reading: Dark Tide: The Great Molasses Flood of 1919. It’s for a square on my summer book bingo card that reads set in the place where you live. Boston is close enough for me and this book is actually quite interesting.

Listening: LaRose by Louise Erdrich. It’s sad, oh so very sad, but in a really soulful and satisfying way. Erdrich describes grief in one passage as knocking someone to his knees and that’s just what I mean – beautiful and lovely but heartbreaking.

Knitting: Socks. And the endless Zick Zack Scarf. And Algiers. I am not making much progress but that’s okay.

Enjoying: A new knitting group that just started at my local library. It’s great to get out for a little while with like minded individuals, especially when two of those individuals are Blogless Sharon and Jo-Ann. My only complaint (and it’s not really a complaint) is that our meetings are only scheduled for an hour. I’m just getting started and BAM! it’s time to go.

Anticipating: A vacation to somewhere new. We’re creatures of habit who love to go to the same places over and over but not this time. I’ll fill you in soon, I promise.

Celebrating: That I fixed that spreadsheet problem I mentioned on Tuesday. Hooray!

Despising: Passive aggressive people. Be gone with you!

Loving: My perennial garden. I’ve weeded (which I seldom due) and pulled invasive stuff and planted new stuff and it looks fresh and pretty.

Watching: Our vegetables grow. We have tiny tomato blossoms and itty bitty cucumbers!

What’s happening in your world these days?


Watercolor Wednesday

On Monday I picked some peonies and posted a photo of them on instagram. My sister-in-law commented that I should paint them. Ummm. Not quite there yet. However, thank to the wonderful technology of the waterlogue app, I can say, wa-la:

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