Right Now

As I get ready for my vacation I think it’s appropriate to catch you up on what’s going on. Right now.

girls night snacks for carole knits

Eating: Cheese and crackers, salami, lots of tomatoes and basil. You know, the usual.

Relishing: The rain that is falling. We need it badly. Let’s just hope that any rain that falls over the next 2 weeks is only at night. Mmmkay?

Watching: The Olympics, of course.

Avoiding: Spoilers on Facebook and news feeds about medal winners. Seriously, people, keep it to yourself so that those of us who can only watch during prime time don’t know the results ahead of time.

Pondering: Why there is so much sexism regarding the treatment of women athletes. Yes, we’ve come a long way baby but it’s clear we still have a very long way to go.

Working: On schedules and payrolls and annual statistical reports and all of the other things I need to get done before I clock out of here until 8/29.

Shopping: For items for the food pantry. July and August are difficult months for food pantries. If you’ve got one local to you it might be a good time to consider a donation.

Coordinating: holding the mail, holding the paper, lining up people to water the garden and flowers, etc etc etc.

Anticipating: VACATION!



Summer Book Bingo Completed!

As I mentioned on Monday, I finished the final book for my Summer Book Bingo card over the weekend. And so, today, I am sharing with you all 25 titles that I have read since Memorial Day. Links are to GoodReads and you can read my ratings and reviews there if you wish. The photos are of the front (which you already saw) and the back because it’s easier to read the titles there. (Please note that the back is the reverse of the front, i.e. top left on the front is top right on the back.)

summer book bingo mosaic

Square: By a Canadian author Book: Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny Justification: Louise Penny is Canadian

Square: Reread a favorite book Book: The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian Justification: I don’t reread books. I mean, I guess I do because To Kill A Mockingbird and Pride and Prejudice. But still, I don’t reread. So, instead I read a book by a favorite author and Chris Bohjalian is one of my favorites, for sure.

Square: By a small press Book: A Skeptic’s Guide to Writers’ Houses by Anne Trubek. Justification: University of Pennsylvania Press is a small press.

Square: A classic that you should have read in school Book: Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Justification: It’s a classic, my friends, and I never had to read this one in school.

Square: Cozy Mystery Book: Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay Justification: Very cozy indeed.

Square: About art or an artist Book: Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee Justification: The main character is an opera singer.

Square: Nature writing Book: The Round House by Louise Erdrich Justification: Okay, this one is a stretch but I really wanted to read this book and this is the only square I could (sort of) make work. I figure that a reservation in North Dakota counts as nature.

Square: Nonfiction Book: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande Justification: It’s non-fiction.

Square: About royalty (fiction or non) Book: The Royal We by Heather Cocks. Justification: The main character is the Prince of Wales.

Square: Set in a country from which one of your ancestors came Book: On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. Justification: My mother’s side of the family is English.

Square: Humor or satire. Book: Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris Justification: David Sedaris is funny.

Square: With an alliterative title Book: The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy Reichert. Justification: Lots of C’s.

Square: Free square Book: Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen. Justification: I could put anything here!

Square: Re-read an assigned book you hated in school Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Justification: I hated it with a passion when I read this in high school. I just wanted him to catch that damn fish so that the book would be over.

Square: Set in the place where you live Book: Dark Tide by Stephen Puleo Justification: It’s about the Great Molasses Flood that happened in Boston in 1919.

Square: With a main character over 60. Book: Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman Justification: Britt-Marie is 63.

Square: Hated by someone you know. Book: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult Justification: I have a friend who hates anything written by Jodi Picoult.

Square: An audibook Book: LaRose by Louise Erdrich Justification: Ummm. I listened to it? hahaha

Square: Includes recipes but is not a cookbook. Book: My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl. Justification: Okay, some people might label this as a cookbook but in my interpretation it’s a memoir.

Square: With a family member in the title. Book: My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman. Justification: A grandmother is a family member. Duh.

Square: By an author who shares your first name Book: With or Without You by Carole Matthews Justification: Do I really have to spell this one out?

Square: With 200 pages or fewer Book: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Justification: It’s less than 200 pages. It’s also fabulous.

Square: Self published. Book: The Goatmen by Dale Julius. Justification: This is a book that Dale has been working on since 2009 and he’s been bugging me to read it for practically forever. I decided that this bingo square provided the perfect opportunity. I know it’s not published yet so it’s technically not self published. But it’s close enough for me. And also, the book is pretty good and I think he should clean it up and get the darn thing to a publisher.

Square: Part of a series. Book: The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny Justification: It’s part of the Inspector Armand Gamache series. I love them all, by the way.

Square: Set in Africa. Book: Circling the Sun by Paula McLain Justification: It’s set in Africa.

Wow. That’s a lot of links! I feel like it took me as long to write this post as it did to read The Old Man and the Sea! Seriously, though, it’s a pretty great group of books. And I think the secret of my success this time was planning everything I wanted to read in advance. I not only selected a book for each square but I also noted where the book would come from – the library, Overdrive, an audio, etc. It really made it easy to get this cover all.

And now comes the best part. I’m going on vacation and I can read whatever I want!

Ten On Tuesday

Remember those poems you wrote as a kid? The ones where the first letter of each line of the poem spelled out a word? Acrostic is what they are called and I can distinctly remembering writing one of these for my mom on Mother’s Day. Anyway, I had this idea to sort of take the acrostic concept and adapt it for a Ten On Tuesday topic. Today I want to know 10 Words that Describe You and all 10 words need to begin with the first letter of your first name. Ready?

carole first grade for carole knits
me at age 6. I figure a post like this one definitely deserves a throw back photo

  1. Crafty. From the time I was a little girl I have always wanted to make something.
  2. Cute. I’m 50 but I’m still holdling on to this one with all my might.
  3. Courteous. Polite to a fault, some might say.
  4. Caring. Especially when it comes to my family and friends.
  5. Competent. 30 years doing the same job will get you this one.
  6. Complex. I’m a woman, after all.
  7. Confident. Mostly. Definitely about work and leadership opportunities. Not always about my appearance but I’m a work in progress.
  8. Cheerful. Almost always. It comes from living with the happiest guy in the world, it just sort of rubs off.
  9. Content. It’s the secret to a happy life and I embrace this wholeheartedly.
  10. Cool. I do drive a Mustang convertible, you know.

I had Dale help me with this list because otherwise I’d also have to include the word conceited. And, just as note, Dale thought this was a pretty clever topic. I crack myself up. Okay, okay, I’ll cut it out. bwahahahahahaha.

If you got your alliteration on and wrote a post for today please add your link below. If you’d like to subscribe to the Ten On Tuesday weekly email, please click here.


So. I took a bunch of photos this weekend. Wanna see?

new haircut for carole knits

Thursday after work I got a new haircut. Not a drastic change but a few inches shorter and I love it. It’s swingy and bouncy and perfect for the rest of the summer.

thursday night snacks for carole knits

When I got home Dale had surprised me with flowers. No picture right now but let me just say that they are lovely and the thoughtfulness behind them made me tear up a bit. We settled in for a lovely night on the deck, complete with music and martinis and very good snacks.

demarest lloyd beach for carole knits

On Friday we headed to the beach. We used Dale’s park pass for free parking and visited a new spot to us and it was awesome. Very few people, beautiful soft sand and the water was wonderful. We ate tuna sandwiches (why does tuna always taste better at the beach?) and had a fabulous time reading and chatting and swimming.

carole and dale bootys wedding for carole knits

In the evening we went to a wedding of a good friend of Dale’s. It was a very pretty spot and a very happy occasion.

hannah and jess selfie

Our girls were with us and that made it extra special. It was fun to dress up together and take pictures. It’s also very nice, I must admit, to have my adult children buy me a cocktail.

blt for carole knits

Saturday was a wonderful day full of reading, some photo processing, and hanging out inside enjoying the AC. We had BLTs for lunch with, of course, our own tomatoes. What a treat!

pink clouds for carole knits

Dale had to work with the band for a while in the afternoon but we had the evening together on the deck. After a brief shower the skies cleared and the clouds turned pink and we enjoyed some cooler air and a very pleasant evening at home.

summer book bingo cover all for carole knits

On Sunday morning I got up and finished my 25th book since Memorial Day which resulted in a cover all for my Summer Book Bingo card. Woo hoo! I’ll share more on all of this later this week but I will just say that I am very happy to be able to read whatever I want to read as I anticipate our upcoming vacation.

pancakes and sausage for carole knits

I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast and we enjoyed it on the deck. The light was wonderful and the air was beautiful and it was a pleasure to enjoy a quiet morning.

chicken beans and potato salad for carole knits

In the afternoon Sean and Michael came over to hang out and share some food with us. We always have such a great time with them and this time was no different. The time just flew by as we enjoyed sangria and snacks followed by grilled chicken and sides. It was the perfect way to end a truly fabulous weekend.

Eye Candy Friday

honey bee and brown eyed susan for carole knits

I grew up calling these flowers black-eyed susans but I think they are actually called brown-eyed susans. Either way I love ’em and the bees do, too and that’s a very good thing.

It’s also a very good thing that the weekend is here. Make the most of it, my friends!

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