A Year in Books: 2016

This is probably the longest blog post I’ve ever published. And not because of lots of words but because of lots of books. Which actually is lots of words now that I think about it.


Behold the books I read in 2016. The image is huge because it’s a screen capture from my Goodreads page listing all 92 books I finished last year. Be patient and scroll on through, it’s a very long image.


I’ll spare you any further details because I’ve probably already mentioned most of those books on here anyway. If you’re really curious to know how I rated a particular book, just check my Goodreads shelf for details.

I’ve set the same goal of 75 books for 2017. I thought about upping it but I think last year may have been a fluke and I’d rather surpass a goal than not meet it, overachiever that I am.

Here’s to lots of great reading in the year ahead!


My weekend, as I predicted on Friday, was a snowy one. And you know what? It was just about perfect.


There was snow Friday morning but it didn’t amount to much – just enough to make it a little messy when I headed out to get a haircut. It made for a good excuse to get the grocery shopping done quickly, though, and then I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon at home.


I put away Christmas and puttered around for a bit. I finished The Year of Living Danishly and was truly inspired to bring some hygge into our life in a very tangible way. It’s something we’ve always embraced, frankly, we just didn’t know it had a real name.


I mean, Friday Night Snacks. Could it be anymore hygge than that?

Saturday was the day they predicted we would get walloped with snow and they got it right this time. It started snowing in earnest right around lunch time and it never let up. On a Saturday, though, it was actually pretty sweet. Neither of us had anywhere to go and we were able to hunker down inside where it was warm.

We watched TV and read. Lit candles and gazed at the twinkle lights. Ate homemade soup and generally made the most of this excuse to be home.


It was still snowing at bedtime when I snapped this photo looking out my back door. Yes, the Christmas lights are still on. We normally would have turned them off by now but they looked so pretty in the snow that we decided to keep them on for a bit longer.


Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderland. And the news that our little town hit the snowfall jackpot with 19.5″ of the stuff. You can see our picnic table in the background there and the snow is right up to the benches. And our birdbath looks like a big old snow cake.


After breakfast Dale headed out to start cleaning up and eventually I joined him. I learned to use the snowblower and, while I’m sure it was the novelty of the whole thing, it was actually kind of fun. There’s a video over on instagram if you’d like to see me in action.


We spent the rest of the day watching football, playing cards, and hanging out. While we had originally talked about going to the movies, it was just so pleasant and cozy at home that we stayed put.

It was the ultimate winter weekend. Hygge hygge, baby.

Eye Candy Friday


In addition to the amaryllis and paperwhites I also have this stunning white hydrangea, a New Year’s gift from the fabulous Doreen. She tells me I can plant it outside once the warm weather arrives and I’m just hoping I can keep it alive until then. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the gorgeous white flowers that remind me of giant snowballs.

I hope you find something gorgeous to enjoy this weekend. It could actually be snowballs around here from the looks of the weather forecast.

Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for January 5, 2016 is to write a post called “Hello, January”. You might want to talk about how you feel about this month or resolutions and intentions for the year ahead or any other things related to January.


Well then.

Hello, January.

In the past, I will admit, I have not always been happy to see you. Oh, sure, you start off with a bang and some excitement but then you become rather dreary. The festivities of December are over and the reality of the long winter ahead sets in with your arrival. I know it’s not your fault, dear January, but you just aren’t June.


This year I’m going to approach you with a different attitude. Instead of bemoaning your frigid temperatures and cold nights I am going to use them as an opportunity to be grateful for my warm and cozy home.  I am going to snuggle by the wood stove and binge watch television and knit and read to my heart’s content. I am going to drink Manhattans and red wine and I am going to eat soup and warm bread. I am going to welcome the excuse to put on comfy clothes (i.e. pajamas) as soon as I get home from work. I am going to hope for a snow day or two so that I can cook and bake and make my house smell wonderful. And while I’m doing all of this I won’t feel guilty about neglecting the garden or ignoring the call of the outdoors because you, sweet January, are giving me an excuse to stay indoors and hang out.

And if none of this works and I find myself complaining about the cold and grey then I will just remind myself that it’s only 143 days until Memorial Day. And getting closer every minute.

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A Month of Photos: December 2016

I’ve been doing this Project 365 thing for a number of years now. I thought it was 5 but I just checked flickr and it’s actually 7. Yes, that’s right, I completed my first Project 365 in 2010. Wow. While I sometimes have to force myself to take a photo, once it’s done I’m always glad I did it. It just makes for such a great way to document my daily life. Here’s a look at December:


You’ve already seen most of those, I know, but I really like seeing the entire month as a whole. And wasn’t December full of red! And twinkle lights! No wonder it’s my favorite month for photographs.

And now it’s onward to Project 365 for 2017!

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