Eye Candy Friday

red gerbera for carole knits

What’s that expression?  If it’s not one thing . . . it’s your mother? At least, that’s the way I always said it. Heh. In the case of this Eye Candy Friday post the expression is, if it’s not a zinnia then it must be a gerbera daisy. I love them all!

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends! I’m just hoping mine is uneventful.


Three Things On Thursday

summer dinner table for carole knits
this picture has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s post but every post needs a picture and this one from dinner the other night is soothing and pretty and that’s what I’m craving right now

What a week this has been around here – how about, for a Three Things on Thursday post, I give you some updates? Hmmm?

Dixie’s final moments were peaceful. Our vet was wonderful and gave us all the time we needed and, at the end, Dixie slipped away laying in the grass in our backyard. There were many tears and heartfelt goodbyes and now the work of grieving her begins. I keep thinking I see her out of the corner of my eye. And last night, for the first time in 14 years, I made a grilled cheese sandwich and didn’t offer her a piece of cheese.

Dale’s surgery was successful but more extensive than the doctor anticipated. His pain has been higher because of that and I spent yesterday administering pain meds, pushing fluids, and working in the kitchen so that he could stretch out on the couch. Let me just say that there is a reason I’m a librarian and not a nurse.

The work on our house is *thisclose* to being completed but we’re still waiting on our windows, including one that’s a special order, and the front door. I’m anxious to have this done but, as Dale pointed out, then we won’t have anything to look forward to so I guess I’m okay with this after all. Or not. Either way it’s not on my time table and that’s just the way it is.

And that’s all the energy I’ve got for this post!

A Month of Photos: August 2014

July has come to an end and, while there’s still several weeks of summer left, it’s a bittersweet feeling when August rolls around. The nights are cooler, the days are shorter, and school will be starting in a month. But July was full of summer fun and adventures and I have photographic proof!

july mosaic

Fourth of July and trips to the ocean and lobster and Jimmy Buffett and flowers and local tomatoes and long evenings spent on the deck.

I do love July.

Ten On Tuesday

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on yesterday’s post about Dixie. Even though they made me cry it really helped to know that you all were thinking about us and sharing your stories and remembering your own pets, too. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it agin: I have the best blog readers ever.

Okay, moving on.

Today, because this week hasn’t been dramatic enough, my beloved husband is having hernia surgery. It’s an out patient thing and relatively common but still – we’re nervous and apprehensive. I, of course, will have the responsibility of sitting in the waiting room and sometimes I think that’s harder than being the person who is actually undergoing a procedure. And so, today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things To Do in a Waiting Room.

dale west island june 2014

  1. Read. Something absorbing to keep you from being distracted by the noise of other people around you.
  2. Knit. When the distractions make reading too difficult.
  3. Listen to music. With headphones, of course.
  4. Check email. Because one must stay in touch.
  5. Check Facebook. See #4.
  6. Make lists for grocery shopping, work stuff and upcoming vacations. This works especially well if you have a smart phone or tablet with you.
  7. Peruse Pinterest. Sure, Pinterest is a time suck but you’re stuck in waiting room hell so why not waste some time on Pinterest? Plus, it’s pretty.
  8. Write thank you notes. Of course, this means remembering to bring notes and addresses with you when you go.
  9. Doodle. I hear it’s a great distraction but I’ve never tried it myself.
  10. Pray. I will be. Constantly until I know he’s safe.

Now that I think of it, I should have made this last week’s topic so that I could have gleaned ideas from all of you in advance. If you wrote a post for today be sure and click the button below to share it with everyone. And if you’d like to subscribe to the weekly Ten on Tuesday email simply click here.

Goodbye, Sweet Dixie

It has been said that a puppy is a heartbreak waiting to happen. That statement has never been more poignant because, today at 4pm, our awesome vet will be coming to our home to help Dixie take a walk over the rainbow bridge. It’s something we have debated for quite some time and I’m not ashamed to admit that I have thought the time was right for her to go for a while. Dale, however, was not there yet and he has struggled with this decision greatly. But, even he has come to realize that her quality of life is practically nil.

dixie with frosty paws for carole knits

She is 14 years old and that is old for a yellow lab. Our vet told us over a year ago that Dixie had beaten the odds.

She is blind. She mostly knows her way around our house and yard but there are times that she walks into things (sometimes it’s funny, I will admit) and there have been a few times where she has stumbled and fallen off the deck when negotiating the couple of stairs we have.

dixie july 2013

She is deaf. She can still sometimes hear me but she can’t hear Dale’s deeper voice and that is awfully sad because he is her person much more than I am. I think because of her deafness she thinks she’s alone a lot of the time and that breaks my heart.

Her hind legs are shot. She blew out her knee several years ago when she got so excited about going bird hunting that she jumped off the deck and tore something or other. Permanently. Since then she has been on a slow decline, physically. She can still (mostly) get up on her own but we can see that it’s a real struggle for her and we are worried that soon she won’t be able to do this and her last bit of dignity will go down the drain.

dixie christmas 2013

She barks all the time. And Dixie is a dog who never ever barked. Now, though, she barks and whines and cries and I firmly believe that she is doing this because she is scared and lonely and confused. We haven’t been able to find a way to keep her comfortable and it’s gotten to the point where she flinches when we pet her because she doesn’t know we are there.

And so, today is the day.

Dixie and Dale April 2000

We made this decision a little over a week ago and we have spent the time since spoiling her rotten. Honestly, eating is the only thing she enjoys anymore so she has had numerous servings of Frosty Paws and special cookies and hot dogs and yesterday we had a party so that everyone could come and pet her and love on her and tell her goodbye.

She’s the only dog I’ve ever loved and I’m grateful for every moment I’ve had with her. She’s been loyal and good and faithful. She has kept me company when Dale was out working late with the band. She played with Mason and she protected Patrick when he was a toddler. She went with us on vacation and in the car and to the beach. She loved the water and chicken more than anything in the world – except for us, because she surely loved us best of all.

Think of us today, won’t you? Send some love and comforting thoughts our way because we are going to need all the support we can get as we say goodbye to our girl.

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