Ready, Set, READ!

We interrupt our litany of graduation posts with an important and timely announcement.

Summer Book Bingo starts this weekend!

That’s right. Anne and Michael of the Books on the Nightstand podcast have once again created Bingo cards for your summer reading experience. You can go here to get your own. They say to hit refresh only once but I will admit I generated a few cards before I found one I actually liked.

And here it is:

BOTNS Book Bingo [Random!]

There are some interesting squares on there but I am up for the challenge, perhaps even a cover all!

If you play along you should know that Mary is holding a contest.

I hope you will join in. It’s a great way to read books you might not otherwise choose (hullo, set in Asia?) but it’s also pretty easy to work in stuff that you genuinely want to read. If you’re like me and you’ve got a lengthy to-be-read list in Good Reads you shouldn’t have a problem getting at least one Bingo.

Come on along and read with us this summer!

Ten On Tuesday

The commencement address at Hannah’s university was given by the university’s president and it was very good. He spoke about character and strength and gave some excellent advice. It got me to thinking – what advice would I give to a college graduating class? And you know what happens when I start thinking – Ten On Tuesday topics get created. Today’s topic, no surprise is 10 Things You Would Say If You Gave a Commencement Address.

hannah diploma for carole knits

  1. Congratulations. Well done. Good job.
  2. Find a job but make it one that you love.
  3. Don’t put off an advanced degree if that’s what you’re after.
  4. Thank your parents and families.
  5. Don’t use credit cards.
  6. Trust yourself. Trust your brain, trust your heart, trust your gut. You will know when you are doing the right thing.
  7. Failure builds character. And confidence.
  8. Work hard but don’t make work your life.
  9. Be prepared to change your mind. You might think you have it all figured out right now but you probably don’t. Be open to possibilities.
  10. Find joy every day. Really – at least once every day find something or someone around you that brings you joy.

Graduation 2015!

On Friday, when I said that sometimes life is about the big stuff, I don’t think I realized how big the stuff was I would be experiencing this weekend.

I’ve had lots of proud moments since I became Hannah’s mom. On Saturday, though, when I saw her name printed in the commencement ceremony booklet and it said majoring in Special Education and also English, graduating magna cum laude, well, my pride hit the highest it’s ever been.

It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of meaningful moments – the President’s speech was great, the family of Martin Richard was in attendance and they got a standing ovation, our dear friend Bob was part of the musical group that provided music for the processional and recessional, and all of this happened in the biggest tent I have ever seen.

Of course, the highlight for us was this moment:


We took a whole bunch of photos after the ceremony and, while I still have bunches to edit, I did get a few ready to show you today.

hannah graduation for carole knits

Here’s the graduate with her flowers and her diploma. Which is not, actually a diploma at all but just an empty folder. Diplomas will be mailed at a later date.

carole hannah

And here she is with her mama. I seriously look at this photo and can’t believe she’s mine. There has to be a bigger word than love to describe what I’m feeling about her accomplishment.

dale hannah graduation for carole knits

Here she is with her dad. The phrase bursting with pride comes to mind when I look at Dale’s face in this photo.

hannah with julius fam for carole knits

And one with all of us – the ones who have loved and supported this girl from birth (that would be me) and from the age of 4 (that would be Jess and Dale) and from birth again (that would be Patrick). We have a big, noisy, fun family but that little group right there is the heart of it for me and I’m so glad that Jess and Patrick could be with us for this really big occasion.

hannah globe for carole knits

Finally, here she is with the entire world at her feet. Because it certainly is.

After the ceremony, we all went out to lunch together, Dale and I, Hannah and her friend Mike, Jess and Patrick, Hannah’s dad Rick and his girlfriend Stacy and also Hannah’s grandmother, Janice. I have to say, the relationship that Dale and Rick and I have is pretty amazing. We all put aside any petty jealousies or bad feelings a long time ago and have managed to always focus on what was best for Hannah. And the thing we all believe the most is that the very best thing for Hannah is having 3 parents who love her and support her, and also love and support each other. Raising this girlie has been a team effort and co-parenting with Dale and Rick has been a true blessing. So it was perfectly natural for us to go out together, to sit and chat, to reminisce about Hannah’s accomplishments, to tell stories from when she was little, and to just enjoy some quiet time as a family before the big shindig on Sunday.

More on that later this week.

In the meantime just know that my  heart was filled with joy this entire weekend.

Eye Candy Friday

tulips in mason jar for carole knits

I have a pretty bouquet of tulips in a mason jar for you today. These were actually a gift from my friend Wendy and they lasted for close to two weeks – pretty amazing. I do love a simple bouquet like this and not only did they grace our table at Frank Harlow Day but they also looked lovely on my dining room sideboard when I brought them home.

So much of life is about enjoying the little things like a bouquet of flowers from a friend, a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and the comforts of home. Sometimes, though, life is about the big things and that’s what we will be experiencing this weekend. Whether you have big stuff or little stuff going on, I hope your weekend is a great one.

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