Eye Candy Friday

wheaton college for carole knits

Last Friday, on that lovely tour of Wheaton College with my friend Doreen and her son, I took this photo. On the left is Chase Round, one of the dining halls on campus. It’s going to be completely renovated and possibly torn down in a few months. After all the meals we had there, all of the bacon & cheese omelets and the tuna melts and the cheeseburgers and the large teas with lemon to go, I was glad to have one last lunch there before it is gone forever.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

Throwback Thursday: Front Page News

Back in the winter of 1970, maxi coats were all the rage. I was 4 years old and, trendsetter that I was, I had one. Apparently this was an unusual fashion statement for a 4 year old and I wound up getting my picture taken by Stanley Bauman.

maxi coat for carole knits

Mr. Baumann was the photographer for the City of Brockton for many many years. He also happened to be a very good friend of my Nana’s. And she happened to work at The Brockton Enterprise. Still, I’m sure that this picture wound up on the front page of The Enterprise because of my cuteness and good fashion sense and had nothing at all to do with my personal connections.

The caption: Maxi Coat for Mini Miss. perfect, right?

Oh, and Claudia? The coat was orange. I loved it and wore it until I couldn’t stuff myself until it any longer.

Wednesdays Are For . . . Quilting?

I have no new knitting to show you. I do, however, have new quilting to show you because I finally finished the table runner for the living room coffee table. And also, 2 short runners for the end tables in there.

red table runner 3 for carole knits

You may recall that I had trouble with the maths on these. I originally thought I’d follow this pattern. Easy-peasy, basically a rail fence.  I went through my scraps and pulled out all of my reds and and started planning. But then I decided that I didn’t want to cut 1.5 inch strips so I cut 2 inch strips instead. And I happily went along and sewed my 2 inch by 5 inch strips into 2s and then 4s. And then I pressed them. And that’s when I realized that I didn’t have squares, I had rectangles.


red table runner 2 for carole knits

I set the whole thing aside and went downstairs and sulked for a while at my own stupidity. And then the next day I looked at it again and realized that I could cut 2×6.5 inch strips and attach those strips to the side of each rectangle and then I would have the square I should have had in the first place. My plan took more time than this would have if I had done it right in the first place but at least it was a plan. My friend Lois would call this a design decision.

And you know what? I wound up liking this variation even better.

red table runner for carole knits

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ten On Tuesday

I do love a weekend that includes a Monday holiday. The extra time to relax, a Sunday night that doesn’t include thinking about work in the morning and planning for the week ahead is a real blessing. And so, while I didn’t do anything particularly excting on this weekend, I always think a long weekend deserves to be followed up with a Ten on Tuesday topic of 10 Things I Did This Weekend.

front pumpkins and mums for carole knits

  1. I visited my alma mater, Wheaton College, with my friend Doreen and her son as he toured the campus. Doreen and I met at Wheaton way back in 1984 and it was so fun to walk those paths together and reminisce on our happy days there together.
  2. I read. I’m deeply engrossed in All The Light We Cannot See. It’s wonderful but I am pretty certain my next book needs to not be about WWII.
  3. I knit. The Irish Hiking Scarf is growing. Hooray!
  4. I made, I think for the 3rd time in recent weeks, this awesome goat cheese and roasted tomato appetizer. It is so delicious.
  5. I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday with Dale. He was supposed to have an outside band job but it was cancelled due to the weather and we made the most of the day together. We poked around at an antique shop, had a fun lunch out (a very rare treat for us, unless we are on vacation) and saw some pretty foliage on an afternoon drive.
  6. I made a fantastic beef stew with homemade biscuits – the perfect comforting dinner at the end of a chilly day.
  7. I went with Dale to his class reunion. It was low-key and very small but he graduated with some truly wonderful people so it was fun.
  8. I finally settled on costumes and a theme for our annual Halloween party. We’ve been so engrossed in home improvement stuff that we haven’t given this much thought. Now that we have decided, though, I’m very excited to see how our creative ideas will come together.
  9. I watched TV. I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood and The Good Wife. Dale and I only recently started watching Homeland and we were able to view a few episodes together over the weekend. I’m so glad we finally jumped on this bandwagon – what a fabulous show.
  10. I nursed a cold. Yes, there was a downside to this terrific weekend that included a sore throat and a cough. Alas, all weekends can’t be perfect.

How about you? What did you do this weekend? Be sure and add your link below if you wrote a post for today. If you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here to subscribe.

Eye Candy Friday

kiwanis thank you bouquet for carole knits

For this week’s Eye Candy I have a close up photo of the bouquet I received from Kiwanis last week at the installation of the new president. They were perfectly lovely and I have been admiring them all week long. The best part is that I never expected them. Sometimes the unexpected can be the best of all.

I hope you have some unexpected fun on this long-expected holiday weekend! See you on Tuesday!

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