Happy 40th Birthday, Brant!

brant fishing 2012 for carole knits

Yesterday my stepson Brant turned 40. I have to pause for a moment and reread that so that it sinks in a bit. 40? How can the kid that was Hannah’s age when I met him now be a 40 year old man? A husband and father and provider?

And yet, he is 40 and that means that for the next two months, until my birthday, he and I are only 8 years apart in age. That’s something we all just accept now but in the beginning it was a little weird as we adjusted to our new little family. And thinking about it yesterday reminded me of a funny story from 18 years ago.

Picture this:

Dale and I, along with Brant, Jessica, Luke and Hannah are hanging out on Dale’s back porch. We are chatting and having a snack and, since it was the early stages of our relationship, just generally getting to know each other. Dale says something to me, I can’t remember what it was exactly but it was a little bossy, and I turn to him and say, “hey, don’t talk to me like I’m one of the kids.” And then, without missing a beat, Brant says, “well . . . just about.” There was the briefest of pauses and then we all just started cracking up. And we still crack up every time we repeat the story.

So even though I’m a day late, Happy Birthday, Brant! And here’s to many, many more!

Ten On Tuesday

I love Kym for a lot of different reasons but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that one of them was that she frequently texts me with interesting and fun Ten On Tuesday topics. As I’m sure you can figure out by this introduction, this week’s topic did indeed come from her and it is 10 Thresholds You Cross Every Day.

carver public library for carole knits

  1. The one from my bedroom into the front hallway. This is generally the first one I cross every day, stumbling my way to the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I also cross
  2. The one between the living room and dining room. It’s a double doorway so it’s long and it’s hardwood and I mostly don’t trip over it. The next stop from there is
  3. The one from the dining room into the bathroom. My eyes are almost opened by this point. And then it’s back across the bathroom one and into the kitchen where there’s just a tiny one so I’m not going to count it. After a few back and forths between the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, it’s time to go to work and then I cross
  4. The one from the mudroom out to the deck. I get in my car and I drive to work and I hit
  5. The one from the staff door into the back hallway of the library. After this it’s all wall to wall carpet from there to my office, to the staff room (where I make more coffee), to the fiction area where I gather the books for the morning hold report, and back and forth until it’s time to leave the library and head to the COA. That is an old building and there are lots of thresholds. The first one is
  6. The one from the front porch into the front entryway. And then there is
  7. The one from the front entryway into the receptionist area. And then there is
  8. The one from the receptionist area into my office. My office here is wallpapered in dark green plaid. I have a fireplace and beautiful floor to ceiling windows and wide plank floors. It’s charming and completely different from the library. As I wander about this building and visit with the seniors who come here and talk to my staff I also cross
  9. The one from the receptionist area into the hallway that leads to the food pantry. The food pantry here is small but heavily used and very important to our community. After a few hours here I head back to the library, crossing the thresholds I mentioned earlier on my way out. My afternoon continues at the library but generally also includes a trip over to Town Hall to turn in bills, receipts and more. At that point I cross
  10. The one from the front of the library to the sidewalk and then the one into Town Hall. And that makes 10+!

This was a fun way to think about how I move about during the day and I hope you agree. If you wrote a post for today be sure and click the link below to share it with everyone. And if you’d like to receive the weekly Ten on Tuesday email then please click here.

Tired. So Very Tired.

As I am writing this it is late Sunday afternoon. I’m kicking myself for not having a blog post ready to go already and for leaving it until today because, while I’ve done lots of fun things over the last few days, the thing I haven’t done is upload photos of those fun things. And, without photos, I can’t really tell you about the Kathy Mattea concert and the fried clams and the Jimmy Buffett tailgating and the fact that we turned my Jeep into a pirate ship.

What I can tell you, though, is that doing all that stuff and having all that fun has left me exhausted. So exhausted that the only thing I’ve truly done all day is move between the couch outside and the couch inside while reading #5 in The Outlander series. I’ve been telling myself for the last 30 minutes to get up off the couch and check the freezer and fridge to figure out something for dinner – but I haven’t moved a muscle.  As my friend Jo-Ann likes to say, I can still party like a rock star – I just can’t recover like one.

Lemme look at what photos I do have processed and see if there’s anything I can share with you. Hold on.

Okay, here we go, I found a picture of Mason from one day last week.

mason july 2014 for carole knits

He looks about as ambitious as I feel.

Eye Candy Friday

pink roses ptown for carole knits

I left this picture out of yesterday’s post about our trip to Provincetown because I thought these roses deserved their very own spotlight. I just love the way they spill over the fence, all frothy and excessive and gorgeous.

Speaking of excessive, tomorrow we are going to see Jimmy Buffett and you know what that means – excessive partying! I hope your weekend is full of excessive things you love, too!

Adventures of Dale and Carole: Provincetown

Last Friday Dale and I took the ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown. While we live very close to Cape Cod, Provincetown is the very end of the Cape and it’s a 2 hour drive from our house – and that’s without traffic. The ferry is a fun way to get there, plus you can enjoy a Bloody Mary on the way which is frowned upon when you’re driving.

leaving plymouth harbor for carole knits

It leaves from the same pier where the Mayflower is docked and that means you get some pretty cool views of the Mayflower as you depart.

arriving ptwon for carole knits

And an hour and a half later you arrive in Provincetown. The tall tower you see in that photo is the Pilgrim Monument which commemorates the fact that the Pilgrims arrived in Provincetown first and spent 5 weeks there before they left and settled in Plymouth instead.

ptown street for carole knits

Our day in Ptown, as it’s commonly called, was spent walking through the West End, window shopping, people watching, and eating. The only purchase I actually made was a package of swizzle sticks but we certainly enjoyed the galleries and shops even if we didn’t open our wallets.

flower garden gold house for carole knits

The flowers are beautiful this time of year and so many of the homes have lovely little gardens right on the street. You walk a little, you enter stores a little, you take some photos and, in doing so, you work up an appetite.

lobster pot for carole knits

We had lunch at the iconic Lobster Pot. It’s the first time we’ve ever eaten here as I always thought it was a tourist trap but the truth is that it’s excellent. Dale had a lobster roll and I had a seafood cobb salad that included both lobster meat and crab meat and they had Cape Cod beer on draft which made both of us happy. We had a perfect table with an awesome view and there was even a bit of entertainment as a man dressed as a pilgrim gave us a brief history lesson (complete with song!) about the Pilgrims time in Ptown.

After lunch there was a bit more time for walking and people-watching and ice cream – a cone of peppermint stick ended my day perfectly, I must say. And then we got back on the ferry and headed home, full of lobster and ice cream and memories of a day well spent.

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