You guys. I was determined, absolutely determined, to take photos of things other than food and drink this weekend.


But then on Friday I picked a whole bunch of tomatoes and roasted them in the oven. The weather was predicted to turn cold and I was worried that this could be the last of them. Turns out it’s not, but still, I was proactive and how how could I not take a photo of those gorgeous red globes?


And then. Well, then it was Friday Night Snack time. Everything looked all cozy and I just couldn’t resist a photo of our dinner and cocktails.


I came to my senses, though, while we were playing Quiddler and I snapped a photo. Dale will say it was because the score was in my favor but really, it wasn’t.


Saturday started off promising when I snapped a photo of our Halloween party prep. I spent the rest of the day splashing more red paint around, and also reading, watching TV and knitting. No food photos at all. Of course, that’s probably because Dale had to work and I didn’t cook anything worth photographing, but I’m going to call it progress.


Sunday morning I made an apple coffee cake. Of course I had to take a photo.


I came to my senses late that morning, though, and took a photo while reading on the deck. The weather was glorious and it felt great to read outside.


On Sunday afternoon I made a cocktail with bourbon, apple cider and ginger beer. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist another photo.


After the footballs (yay Pats!) we went back outside for a Quiddler rematch. While we played, we snacked on our own tomatoes with local mozzarella and our own basil. How could I not take a photo of that loveliness?

I tried. I really tried. But seriously, the prettiest stuff around me is so often food that I just can’t help myself.

As the song says, I am what I am.


Eye Candy Friday


The other day when I had the macro lens in my hand I didn’t just take bee photos. I took photos of the celosias that’s still brightening my deck. I want to make the flower shots last as long as possible, you know!

Speaking of lasting as long as possible, I wish the weekend would last longer. Guess I’ll just make the most of every moment and I hope you will, too!

Think Write Thursday

Today, the talented and very clever Kat and I are rolling out something new for all of you: a weekly creative writing prompt. It’s slated for Thursdays and we are calling it, as you may have surmised from the title of this blog post:


It will be very similar to Ten On Tuesday. You will sign up for the weekly email right here and you can then expect to receive the prompt for each week at the beginning of the week. We are aiming for Sunday but I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep so let’s just leave that little detail flexible right now. Mmmmkay?

We are working on some really fun ideas and prompts for you, from topics ranging from tell us what you had for breakfast to write about someone you admire to an analysis of your worst school photo. We’re hoping we will hit on something for everyone and if not, hey, it’s creative writing. So you are free to just take our prompt and turn it into something that works for you. As in, you know, be creative.

So, who is with us? Ready to take the plunge and write creatively on Thursdays? Sign up now and join us!

The Big (And Little) Picture

I used to be the one who never used her iPhone camera. I preferred the big camera, the one with all of the lenses. The bells and whistles. For the last little while, though, the iPhone has been my camera of choice. It’s small and easy to use and always, always with me.


But then. Then you see a little bee. And the iPhone just can’t capture it. You need to bring out the big camera with the macro lens. And you need to take 36 photos of the little bee just to get one that’s okay. Not great but pretty sharp and okay.

That’s why it’s worth it to have the big camera. That’s why it’s fun to be a photographer. Because you can capture the little bee and it reminds you to stop and look at the little things because they are the things that help you to see the bigger picture.

And the bigger picture? That’s what really matters. Really.


To look at my photos from this long weekend you would think that all I did was eat. And drink. I’m not going to lie and say that the eating and the drinking aren’t big parts of every weekend but I might just have to learn to take photos of the other stuff I do. Like knitting. And reading. Those things, though, while entirely enjoyable, just aren’t as photogenic.

Anyway. Here’s the weekend that was.


Friday night. Snacks on the deck while it was still warm enough to be outside. The weird thing is that it’s getting so dark so early. I thought it was super late and time to go inside and it was only 7:15. Ha.


Saturday morning. A walk to the cemetery for some exercise and also to visit Bob’s grave, contemplating the year it’s been since he left us. Dale spied this beautiful spider web and I took a photo, of course.


Saturday afternoon. Lunch and knitting at Sean’s with homemade pizza. That one in the front had fig and shallot marmalade with bacon, brie and balsamic glaze. Fabulous!


Saturday evening. The rain had begun so it was snacks inside. Pretty much the usual snack assortment but on my perfectly seasonal Ouija board tray.


A late Saturday night dinner of grilled cheese and tomato. We’re still picking tomatoes from the garden and I couldn’t be happier about that.


Sunday evening. Dinner out. We spent the very rainy afternoon watching the Pats (Brady’s back!!) and resisting the usual lure of drinking and snacking during football because we were determined to head out for dinner. I say determined because so many times we will make a plan to go out and then wind up just staying home. It’s nice to stay home but it’s nice to go out occasionally, too.


Monday afternoon. The same snacks only on a much smaller scale. And wine. My day had not gone as planned, derailing at 9am with a work issue, so this glass of wine was most welcome. As was the quiet time with Dale that went along with it. He’s a wonderful sounding board and always makes me feel better about things.


Monday evening. Homemade apple pie because I bake when I’m stressed. A slice of this while watching Stranger Things was the perfect ending to the weekend.

How was your weekend?


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