Eye Candy Friday


It seems a little conceited to show a painting I did as eye candy but it’s quite seasonal and, while it’s hardly fine art, I’m proud of it. I owe a lot of it to Connie, the awesome woman who teaches paint night at my library. But I know that I get to take some credit for it, too. I’ve never considered myself to have much artistic talent but I’ve learned since I started playing around with art journaling this year that lots of practice and taking lessons does actually lead to improvement. How ’bout that?

And how ’bout this: it’s the weekend! And NaBloPoMo is over so I will see you on Monday!

Hello, December

Today’s Think Write Thursday prompt for this week is to write a post called “Hello December”. I have taken this opportunity to write a poem.

Candle with Tree Lights for Carole Knits

Hello, December
Hello to twinkle lights and glitter
Hello to pine boughs and cinnamon sticks
and all of your other lovely scents
Hello to candles in the windows and wreaths on the doors
Hello to gatherings and parties and merrymaking
and the hustle and the bustle that leads to tired mornings
Hello to traditions and all things Swedish
meatballs and cardamom bread, angel chimes and Dala horses
To cookie baking and gift wrapping and singing
Hello to hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps and popcorn
To Love Actually and A Christmas Carol and snuggles by the fire
Hello to good cheer and good will
To giving freely and without expectation
To bright cold days and long winter nights
Hello to slowing down
To savoring moments
To being present not perfect
Hello to joy
Hello to peace
Hello to hope
and the return of the light

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Watercolor Wednesday

Tomorrow we turn the calendar to December and it’s all Christmas lights and glitter. So for today, allow me to post one more fall image. A watercolor in honor of this last day of November.

See you tomorrow for Think Write Thursday.

Books for Baby

A very special member of my library staff is expecting a baby very soon. And when librarians throw a baby shower, well, it’s only natural that it revolve around books.


Board books. Goodnight Moon from me because I read that to Hannah every single night for years.


And book themed food like these green deviled eggs for Green Eggs and Ham. There were also meatballs for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and so much more. I have a really creative staff.


Speaking of creative, check out this book cake made by another woman who works at the library with us. So adorable! I love all those book titles and the colors are just perfect.

We had a fun night showering our colleague and friend with lots of love for her new baby. He’s bound to be well read!


Presenting . . . the weekend . . . in pictures . . .


Friday night snacks.


Thanksmas appetizers.


Thanksmas Dinner with the kids.


The Thanksmas Dinner table.


Sunday morning breakfast.


Sunday evening snacks.

In between the food and drink there was binge watching of Gilmore Girls, lots of knitting, some reading, some Christmas decorating and some football.

And here we are and it’s Monday. Yay?

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