Eye Candy Friday

heart wreath for carole knits

The calendar says spring. My kitchen door is decked out for spring. The birds are singing their spring songs. However. The temperature? And the forecast for snow tonight? Definitely not spring like. It’s okay, though, because I’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up this weekend, including a sushi party tonight and a wedding tomorrow night. I’m going to party like it’s spring!

I hope you all have fun stuff going on, too!

Is Sally Here?

mason watercolor

Settle in, friends, because I have a story to tell you.

The other night I went to help a friend with a knitting project. She was babysitting her grandson, as she often does, so she gave me the address of her daughter and son-in-law’s house. (For the sake of my story, I will make up an address: 224 Main Street.) She described the house as a white ranch. As I was leaving my house she texted me and said that I should use the front door but that I should not ring the bell because the baby was sleeping. She said she’d be watching for me.

I put the address in my GPS and I set out. It was only a little over 10 minutes before I found a white ranch at 224 Main Street. I parked my car and walked up to the front door. Said door was ajar so I knocked and waited a few seconds. Being mindful of the sleeping baby, I knocked again and pushed on the door a bit, quietly calling her name. Sally? No response but I thought, well, maybe she’s tending to the baby, so I pushed the door open further and stepped into a darkened living room. The TV was on and there was a man lying on the couch flipping through the channels. Sally hadn’t mentioned that her husband would be with her but I figured this was him so, as he looked up from his channel flipping, I said, “Is Sally here?” And he said, without getting up and with barely a glance in my direction, “Sally? There’s no Sally here.”

Ummmmm. Whaaaaa?

I questioned the address and he said I had the right address but that he didn’t know Sally. He remained lying on the couch, flipping the channels on the TV. At this point I am backing out and apologizing profusely. As I am apologizing I pointed out that the front door was partly open and that I thought my friend had left it that way for me. Because, really, who leaves their door open like that in March?? I mean, it made complete sense that I thought it was ajar like that because Sally was expecting me. So I stumble my way out of the house, saying how sorry I am for disturbing him, and he says, “no problem. Hope you find Sally.”

I get back in my car and I’m sort of laughing but also sort of horrified. I text Sally and I say, “I’m at 224 Main Street. But you’re not.” And she texts back immediately (thank goodness!) and says, “Oh NO! It’s 324 Main Street, not 224. I’m so sorry!”

Can I just ask, right now, what are the odds that this could happen? Not only was there actually a house at the wrong number, because that’s not a guarantee, but the house was the right color. And the whole bit with the front door being ajar like that totally fit what I expected since the baby was sleeping and Sally was watching for me. Right? And also, wouldn’t you get up off the couch if a stranger stepped into your living room looking for Sally? I know I would. This guy, though? Totally nonplussed by the whole thing.

To wrap this up, I found the right house easily and there was Sally. The lights were on and she was standing in the doorway, waving to me. We had a really good laugh, I said how happy I was that at least the guy had clothes on, and boy aren’t I lucky that he wasn’t an ax murderer, and I proceeded to help her with the heel of the Christmas stocking she is knitting. I should say, though, that this was a short row heel with yarn overs and I had never done that before. We got it figured out and done but I’m not sure how much help I actually provided.

The moral of the story? Double check your addresses, my friends. Double check.


Wednesdays Are For Knitting: A Birthday Shawl For Lois

Way back in August I cast on for the Cactus Flower Shawl. I worked on it a lot on vacation and I enjoyed knitting it so much. The pattern is challenging but highly entertaining and intuitive and, while complex, was very fun to knit. Once I finished it, though, it languished. I think I finally blocked it in December and then still, it languished. No photos, no showing off, nothing.

This is certainly not typical behavior for me – generally I’m all about getting a project blocked, photographed, and worn as soon as it falls off the needles.

cactus flower shawl body for carole knits

Last week I figured out why this had happened. This shawl, you see, was not mine. I realized – finally – that all along it’s been meant for my friend Lois.

cactus flower shawl border for carole knits

The colors are perfect for her.

cactus flower shawl sideways for carole knits

The design is gorgeous.

cactus flower shawl center for carole knits

The yarn is incredible. And it is the perfect 70th birthday present for the woman who never says no to anything I ask.

cactus flower shawl edge for carole knits

I gave it to her the other night and she exclaimed and ooohed and aaaahed over and eventually declared it the best birthday ever.

cactus flower shawl folded for carole knits

I’m so glad I waited until this shawl told me that it belonged to Lois.

I just love it when stuff like this works out so perfectly.

Ten On Tuesday

Top of the morning to ya! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m on the search for a leprechaun so that I can steal his pot of gold. Do you want to know what I would buy if I found it? My list follows since this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things I would Buy If I Found a Pot of Gold. And, just so you know, according to the research I did, a pot of gold would be worth about $335,000 based on today’s price of gold. Ready? Let’s spend money!

June Rainbow for Carole Knits

  1. Pay off the mortgage
  2. Pay off our car loans
  3. Buy Hannah a new car
  4. Buy a new refrigerator
  5. Install a hardwood floor in the dining room
  6. Get new kitchen counters and cabinets
  7. Visit London
  8. Hire a professional to landscape the yard
  9. Put on an addition that would include a master bathroom and closet
  10. Invest the rest – there wouldn’t be much by the time I did all of that!

It’s actually the perfect amount of money. I could pay off any debts we have, do some work around the house that’s just a little above our means right now, and a bit of traveling. Life at home would be more comfortable but not drastically changed and that sounds just right to me.

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It’s a cliche but wow, that weekend went by fast! Swoooooooosh.

Here are the highlights:

A photo shoot with an adorable one year old and his parents late Friday afternoon. Outside. Yes, there was snow and ice on the ground but the sun was shining and the temperatures were comfortable enough and it felt so good to be out in the fresh air.

daffodil shoot for carole knits

A daffodil shoot coming up through the ice and snow in my yard. Hooray!

A relaxing Friday night at home with Dale. It was a night that included roasted tomatoes & goat cheese and bacon cheeseburgers and lots of Irish music.

A work meeting on Saturday morning. Yeah, definitely not the highlight of my weekend but it only happens a couple of times a year, thankfully.

A trip to Michael’s in the afternoon. I bought materials to make spring wreaths for the front door and kitchen door.

A wonderful dinner with our dear friend’s Don and Lois to celebrate Lois’ upcoming 70th birthday. I made my mother’s standby company’s coming for the main course (fish filets with spinach and homemade cheese sauce) and it was as delicious as it was 40 years ago when she first made it.

pi day for carole knits

A chocolate cream pie for dessert in honor of Pi Day, 3.14.15. And, because we are truly geeks, I served it at 9:26pm.

A truly relaxing Sunday that included nothing but reading all afternoon. My current book is Remember Me Like This and it’s very good.

A homemade pizza, eaten while watching snow falling from the sky. We broke the record for the snowiest winter in our area. Yep.

So much for those spring wreaths.



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